Deck the Halls

It was Saturday and,
My house still needed picking up. 
The laundry was slowly but surely getting done.
Groceries still needed to be put away. 
I'd yet to shower, and it was after four. 
John was studying. 
And all I wanted to do was make this, so I did:
Homemade Christmas decorations?
Why not, after all, I am my mothers daughter
and I'm trying.

I can't believe it's almost Christmas.
Which means, it's that time of year again.
Thanks to my ever so talented sister
here is another Candrian family year in review, 
video style...naturally.


Expensive mistakes

Maybe this will expose my personal hygiene, my personal embarrassments, my personal blond moments, my personal self...or lack thereof at times, but can't we all learn from others mistakes, or our own for that matter? So, consider this,  lessons learned.

Never wear the same thing to work two days in a row (sick right?), even if you work at two different locations, no matter how big of a hurry you're in. Even if the quickest outfit you have to throw on is yesterdays. Even if you rarely work at both locations on a single given day. Because really, you just never know if you'll get called to come over to the place you were working at the day before. And believe you me, It's quite embarrassing when you stumble into the office wearing the exact same thing you were wearing when you walked out of the office the night before, hairstyle and earrings included...
Perhaps it's wise to act cold and just leave your coat on the entire time. Perhaps!

When you move to a new state, establish residency fast, especially if you just left a state that makes you pay county fee's for your possessions. You just never know what county bills you'll get charged for from your old place of residency. Oh, and when you call to find out how to get out of said bills, make sure you repeat, 20 times if necessary, what you were told on the phone. Apparently repeating only a few times still leaves room for error.
Leave the past in the past. How silly of me to want to hold onto my Virginia license plates as long as possible...or at least until the end of the year, when my registration ran out, and it would be time to renew anyway. Silly. Expensive. Idiot!

When your husband, or anyone for that matter, asks you where your car registration is, never say, "I don't know?" Just fake it until it's found.

Why do I always seem to learn the lessons the hard/expensive way?


One year ago...

Exactly one year ago today, I sat at work longing for the day to finally be over. I couldn't concentrate. I was anxious. Extremely nervous. But oh, was I excited, because today was the day that a certain Mister was flying out to send the weekend with me. We'd been on exactly one date. Spent maybe a few hours in each others presence. But boy, did we have the phone calls down.

Exactly one year ago we started dating. 
And exactly one year later, we've been married for almost five months. 
It amazes me what 365 short days can do to ones life. 
In fact, it's kind of scary what can happen in one years time.
But I wouldn't change any of it.
Oh, and boards are over. 
Thanks for all of your prayers and good luck wishes, I know he appreciated it.


Getting my craft on

Anyone who knows my mom, can't deny the fact that she's one of the most talented and creative people there is. When it comes to her talented juices of creativity, she's pretty much amazing at everything she does. I may have inherited most of my looks from my mom, along with a few other things that I need not mention, but her creativity, and talent with the arts, well, that one somehow took a backseat in my creation. I try. But I will never reach the level of excellency like her. I've come to terms with this long ago. Yet, despite that understanding, I still take a stab at it, all the while, probably making 10+ phone calls to home, asking her what to do next.

Recently I've been trying to shift my backseat creativity into the front seat, while limiting the phone calls home. I've found that sticking with the basics generally works best.

My sisters and I may have gotten crafty over the Thanksgiving break, and put together a little front door decor:

And being the nice aunt that I try to be, I thought I'd crochet my little nephew a new beanie for his first birthday. Don't let that face fool you, he loves it! Or so I tell myself to make my efforts feel appreciated:
Really, I just wanted an excuse to post this picture. I laugh every time I see that face.

I hope to one day make it to my mom's level. But with her quiet book, stained glass windows, homemade Christmas stockings for all of her future grandchildren (I guess she thinks she'll be getting more), sock puppets to entertain her primary class, pop-up cards, homemade journals, and quilts for grandson 1 and 2,  not to mention her craftiness with my wedding preparations, and turning old things into new treasures--and that's just all in the past year or so--it may take me a lifetime and beyond to get there. She should win an award. Like most talented and amazing mom ever!


Bored with Boards

Tomorrow is a much anticipated day. John will finally be taking a test he's been studying for since our honeymoon! Yes, that would be since July. And yes, that would be nearly five months ago. In his defense, I told him I was ok with him studying while we lounged on the beach, why not make good use of time, right?

I can't imagine spending months and months studying for a test. I highly doubt I ever managed past a few days of studying for any test I've ever taken. Probably one of the reasons school and I were never great friends. But hey, I still graduated with a B.S. and a fairly decent GPA at that. Go figure. But that's beside the point. The point is, in 24 hours, the boards will be behind us, or him, for at least two more years. What's the big deal, it's just a test? Maybe so, but a test to tell him if he's got what it takes to continue on with dental school, and dentistry nonetheless. I know he'll do great. He gets A's in most of his classes. He's on the Deans Honor Roll List. And he's been waking up around 5:30am almost every day since we've been married to study for this oh-so-fun test. So, needless to say, I know he'll rock it. But hey, if you happen to be thinking of him around 8am tomorrow morning and wanted to include him in your prayers, I kind of think he'd appreciate it. I know I would.

I can't wait for him to be done with this test. I will no longer have to be a mute in my own home. Although, finals are in two weeks, so maybe I shouldn't get my hopes up just yet...

Good luck babe, you're going to do awesome!


A heart full of thanks

What better way to spend Thanksgiving than with family? So, with family it was. John and I decided that since we're now pros of cross country driving, (not as cool as cross country running I know, but both take skill) and my sister is only a twelve hour car ride away (as if that's so close), why not head to Tennessee for turkey day? I'm not really a huge fan of long drives anymore, since I feel like I've had an overdose of them this year. But since it meant getting to hang out with my sisters, and cute little nephew, I was all for it! Thankfully the drive to and from flew by, all except the last two hours...both ways. Isn't that how it always goes? So anxious to get there, yet it feels like the last little bit JUST.WON'T.END. Regardless, I couldn't have asked for a better or more needed vacation, than our little trek to Tennessee. It makes me laugh when I think about how crazy it is that not only do I live in Oklahoma, a place I NEVER imagined I would live, but that I also have a sister who lives in Tennessee, and I can assure you, she probably never imagined she'd live there, either. I love that about life, that changes and opportunities you never expect come your way, and generally speaking leave lasting impressions on you. It's what makes life exciting.

I have to admit, I'm slightly jealous my sister lives in Tennessee, it was absolutely beautiful there. Who knew? Thanks, sister, for letting John and I come crash at your house for a few days. I was in need of my family. That was made apparent as we drove away and I started bawling in the car. John was trying to figure out what the heck was wrong with me, and besides being a girl, whose hormones sometimes are out of whack, I was so sad to be coming back "home" and leaving my sisters and nephew behind, that all I could do was let the tears go at it. I've been spoiled in my life, and no not just because I'm the youngest. But because in the last few years, I've always had family around. I miss dearly being roommates with my sister, and getting to hang out with her everyday. She became one of my best friends. I miss when my brother and sister in-law lived close by, and my brother and I would hang out on Friday nights together and go eat delicious food. And I equally miss having my sister an hour and a half drive away, and being able to go visit her on any given weekend. There's something special about having family, especially your siblings close by, and sadly, I don't think that will ever happen again. I'm convinced that that's why I was supposed to go to Washington, DC in the first place. Aside from all of the opportunities that awaited me there, I know it was so I could be close to my siblings. So, that's exactly what I am thankful for this Thanksgiving season, for family. For amazing sisters. For a humorous brother. For my adorable nephews. My loving and incredible, like seriously incredible parents. My great in-laws. And of course, my darling husband who is far too good to me, and who I often times feel entirely undeserving of. There's nothing better in life than having an amazing family who loves me, is supportive of me, and always there for me, no matter what.

I couldn't help but think back to this occasion,

and reflect on all of the people who were there to support John and I those five short months ago. Blood relation or not, this lovely bunch is all family in my eyes!


Things I learned this weekend:

  • Date night in Oklahoma's Asian District was an awesome idea. Not only did we land ourselves a great dinner, we discovered an entire Asian market, full of anything and everything imaginable. Pig snouts, chicken feet, beef tongue, live crab and lobsters were just a few of our discoveries. 
  • My husband really is learning something in school, or at least how to make personalized molds:

Was I little nervous when he had to use some serious force to pull the molding out of my mouth?  Well, you would be too if you had a fake front tooth, that if pulled out, would have been completely noticeable. Good thing the tooth remained intact, I wasn't about to go through that again.
  • Seeing an adult get baptized and join the church is a really cool experience. I can't imagine how much faith that would take to give up a lifestyle you've become so accustomed to, but I commend him for his decision, and know it's one that will change his life for the better. We felt really blessed that we've been able to be with him throughout his conversion. 
  • John and I are really cultured. At least after this weekend that's how we feel. The guy who got baptized  took us and the missionaries out for some seriously awesome authentic taco's. Beef tongue and other innards may have been the meat of the taco's, sounds nasty, but boy were they delicious. 
  • I really love cooking and making desserts. This weekends desert consisted of this delicious peanut butter goodness. For some reason these remind me of my childhood. Although, I'm pretty sure my mom never made these for me as a kid.
  • A few weeks ago, a certain someone, unbeknown to him, completely drenched my phone, while doing the dishes. Bless his heart, I couldn't be mad, when he was doing me a favor, but I thought all was lost when my phone slowly, but surely was giving up on me. So, I placed my phone in a baggie with a silica gel packet over night, and it was good as new the next day. Well, this past weekend, while cleaning the toilet, my phone took another plunge to it's death. I tried to revive the thing, like I had done a few weeks prior, but much to my dismay, it was still half dead. The touch screen was just a little too touchy for my liking. Thank goodness I'm not the only one who bathes their phones.  It's always comforting knowing others have made the same mistake. How embarrassing would it be to type into google, 'how to save my wet cell phone?' and nothing pops up? As though you're the only one whose done such a thing. Thankfully, others know how to reverse the problem. Sticking your phone in a bag of rice really does work. My phone is good as new, and clean too! Awesome.


Apparently I need friends

It's Friday, which means the usual small talk conversations with co-workers revolves around weekend plans. The past few weeks, when asked this question, my response has been something like, "Oh, not much, John has to study, boards are coming up." You know, the kind of response that indicates you have nothing to do, and are therefore going to sit around and do a whole lot of nothing, while your husband fries his brains out. Surprisingly, I'm A-OK with being a homebody and having nothing to do, most of the time anyway. Don't get me wrong, I equally love getting out, having fun, and playing on the weekends, but sometimes, staying in sounds equally appealing. I usually have to defend myself in my response though, so I quickly add to my "pathetic-ness", "We'll probably go out to eat with some friends," because yes, I do have some friends out here, thank you very much. But today, that response is not applicable to this weekend. So, the typical "Oh, not much, John has to study, boards are coming up," was the best I could do. To which I was told, "You really need to get some girlfriends." If that doesn't make one feel entirely pathetic, please tell me what does? I did follow-up, in my defense of course, that I have Christmas shopping and other errands to run this weekend. So, John studying and me "having no girlfriends" is semi-ok...

In other news, John just text me saying, "I got on A in the class. It's official!" Makes him studying all the time that much more worth it. Even though 20 minutes earlier, while at lunch together, he claimed that A's in his classes or not, he'll still graduate from dental school.  One fine dentist coming your way, and, in some eyes, a lonely weekend ahead. Awesome!


Bad case of the dentist

I've never liked going to the dentist. I can't remember what my temperament was like as a child when I had to go visit the drilling terror, but I'm sure it was never fun. I don't mind having my teeth feel shiny and clean. In fact, I love running my tongue over my teeth when I leave. It's like a slip and slide they're so smooth. If there's one good thing from a visit to the dentist, that's it. And the free tooth brush of course.

Isn't he going to be such a good looking dentist?
I hate being told I have a cavity. Thankfully after enduring a billion cavities when my baby teeth grew in, I haven't had to deal with that torture too often. Only on occasion, one being recently. Here are some things to know about me when I'm at the dentist; I'll do whatever I can to get out of taking fluoride. I usually succeed. Half of the time I think what they're telling me about my teeth is bogus. As if I know so much better than them. They just want my money. And the sound of their instruments, particularly the drill, is enough to send chills down my spine. I cringe. I want out. Am I the only one?

Today's visit to the dentist, instilled in me even further, my strong dislike for a visit to the chair, especially when the only reason I am there, is because they messed up in the first place. I can't recall how many times my visits to the dentist were due to their errors, but I've had my fair share, and I'm hoping my out of pocket expense for these visits is about up. I almost started thinking, poor John, all he's going to have to endure as my future dentist. But really, he should consider himself lucky. He has one tough critic on his hands, and therefore is going to make one fine dentist. Future patients will appreciate it. And hopefully, in a few years, dentist and torture will no longer be in the same sentence.




With great anticipation, Friday never seems to come soon enough. And when it's here, often times I feel like I need another Thursday just to gear up for Friday, because Saturday and Sunday will be over before I know it, and the dreaded Monday will be today. What a bleak cycle to be trapped in. And I'm only trapping myself. Pathetic.

So, what's on our weekend agenda?
Study, study, study, study, study, and study some more. Actually, that's John's agenda. Poor guy has his head buried in his books these days. The joy of being a dental student and gearing up for boards. I don't miss school. Nope, not one bit! Ok, maybe a little bit actually, but that little bit is so minuscule compared to the torture that is test taking. Pass!

I have plenty of things to keep me busy this weekend. So whether or not hanging out with my hubby is one of them, it will be a good weekend nonetheless. Simply because it's the weekend. Sleeping in, relaxing, being lazy, making delicious food, eating said delicious food. I.Love.Weekends. And in John's defense, he actually spends more time with me than I give him credit for. There just may be no talking involved...and no, it's not because we're making out. Please. 

I know most of us don't have trouble finding things to do to occupy our precious weekend time, BUT just in case you find yourself with nothing to do this weekend, allow me to offer some things to keep you busy, or at least preoccupied. 

Do you love pumpkin pie? Try this in lue of pie. You'll be glad you discovered it before Thanksgiving. Promise!  

This popcorn looks so tempting, and sinfully delicious. 

Do you save weekends for do-it-yourself projects? Warning: Read this article first. It may make you laugh before you can get angry. And by the way, if you think that article is funny, read this one or this one. The author is actually my mom's childhood friend who writes for the Giggle section of Alive Utah. If you decide to become a follower (hint hint, meaning do it!), I know she'd appreciate it! 

For a song I hate when I hear it on the radio, Glee sure knows how to add a little more flare to it. When has an all boys choir never worked in it's favor? Seriously.

Guess whose coming to OKC? He is, and they are. Will we be going to any of them? Pending. 

And last but not least. If anyone ever wants to challenge John and I to a game of scrabble, via facebook, bring it! We're nerds. So what.

Happy Friday! 



"How am I supposed to protect you if nothing bad can happen?" -John*

Last night in bed I begged John to cuddle with me. I was freezing. He said he's just waiting for me to start complaining that it's too cold before he'll turn on the furnace. I wake up in the mornings to a freezing house. The reason I sleep so well at night, and the exact same reason I don't want to get out of bed in the mornings. It's a love/hate thing. This morning on the way to work/school the car said it was 36 degrees out. I had two sweaters on but no socks. John had short sleeves, no jacket. The highs lately have been in the lower 60's, but this weekend it's supposed to be in the upper 70's. It's November, right? I'm having the hardest time realizing that not only is Thanksgiving in three weeks, but Christmas is next month. I should be used to this nice weather, from living on the east coast, but after 20 some odd years of living in Utah, I guess it's weather is still ingrained in me. Where's the snow? Yuck! Weird.

Due to me having difficulty getting out of bed in the mornings, I also have difficulty eating a normal breakfast. Usually it's fine, since dear husband of mine usually throws a baggie of cereal and yogurt in with the lunch he makes, but today, he didn't. He thought I'd have chocolate carnation instant breakfast, like I have had every other morning this week. But I didn't. He's supposed to know that. So, I was grumpy as I drove us to work/school. Me and no food equals a bad combination. In my defense, I really wasn't THAT grumpy. Our gchat conversation went something like this:

me:  hey, sorry if I wasn't my nice, happy, loving, adorable, good-hearted, energetic, amazing, beautiful self this morning
John:  It's not your fault... I'm the one that forgot to pack your breakfast:)

I'm still laughing at his near perfect response. 

In other news, (ha, pun intended. wow I crack myself up sometimes) I read this article today, and realized how lucky I am to have such great sisters. REALLY lucky. My sisters are awesome.

Just for the enjoyment of pictures, 
here's our first family portrait. 
Like I said, I crack myself up. 
See, the no food thing really didn't make me all that grumpy.

* Said after I discovered our front door was unlocked, before crawling into bed. He's now, and probably forever, going to think he's my "guardian angle," after comparing our results and compatibility based off of this quiz we took last night. Awesome. 



53 years later...

...and a World Series is finally theirs! 
I think it's safe to say there are some pretty happy Candrian's all over the world, quite literally, right about now.


Halloween the Oklahoma Way

I can't say Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, and it's definitely not one I particularly look forward to either. I usually find any excuse out of having to dress up. Two years ago a friend and I decided to go up to NY to visit an old roommate during Halloween weekend. Last year I hung out in my hotel room in Tanzania by myself. And this year, well, Halloween is on Sunday, so, I'll honor the Sabbath day and keep it holy! I don't know where my lack of excitement for this holiday sprung from, but I'm starting to think that I've just always lived in the wrong place during this scary holiday.

Point in case, this is how Oklahoma City residents gear up for a night of trick-or-treating:

Oklahoma City residents go ALL out. I have never seen houses so decorated in all my life for Halloween. I'm not sure if I think it's cool, or a bit overboard, but either way, I'm glad someone is finding enjoyment in this holiday. Maybe if I was a kid again, and could go trick-or-treating in these neighborhoods, things would be different...


All things Golden

Anyone who knows my family, knows we have an obsession with San Francisco. If you don't believe me, go in any one of our houses, and I guarantee you you will find a wall, a room, a corner, or what have you covered with something resembling that great city. Thank goodness I married a man from northern California, it makes sharing this obsession so much easier. Side note: It was a dream of mine to marry a man from that Golden State. I'm glad some childhood dreams do come true, the important ones anyway. 

John and I not only have a room full of San Francisco love, but we have pictures of us from our dating days to the bridals, spread throughout our tiny little house, so it's really not hard for us to do, screaming that we may be just a little obsessed. We're in love, what can we say? With San Francisco that is...well, and each other of course. So, it's no wonder I grew up in a house where if it the Giants weren't on T.V., the 49ers or Golden State Warriors were, it all depended on the season. And this season, it's the Giants, who just keep on giving this year, and we're loving every minute of it. I tried to convince my Dad to fly to Oklahoma this weekend, so we could hit up a Giants/Rangers World Series game down in Texas. It's only a three hour drive, and a dang good excuse not only to come visit his favorite daughter, but to watch his favorite team in action, too. With tickets reaching close to $400+ I think he can find better things to spend his money on, like staying home to hang out with his grandson. But it sure would have been memorable. If only my Dad hadn't commented that "...these are the Giants, they have been causing me grief since I was six years old...it's just torture, pure and simple" maybe he would have considered. Instead, we'll just stay $400 richer this weekend and enjoy watching the Giants from the comfort of our own living rooms respectively.

Go Giants!!!


"You've been a very good patient" -John

Today's been one of those days. Despite it being Friday, meaning it should have instantly indicated greatness, it hasn't been entirely so. But, aside from the day I found myself having, there where a few things that made up for its lack thereof.

Awesome thing #1:
I'm not exactly sure how it started, actually, yes I do know, it's called I'm slow moving in the morning. So, instead of me making John lunch in the morning, heck or even making one for myself for that matter, he not only makes lunch for me, but he usually throws breakfast into the bag as well. It's a rather nice set up we have going on, and I fear the day it ever ends. 
Today's lunch consisted of the following:
Chips and salsa. 
He knows me well.
I really think I could eat this for every meal, every day and be completely satisfied. 

Awesome thing #2:
Discovering how much I think I'm going to like Modern Family.
I'm not one for watching T.V., although, I do have a few guilty pleasures, a few meaning just that, TWO. But I think I just found one to add to the oh-so-long-list.

Awesome thing #3:
My husband taking me on an actual date (none of which was pictured) to dinner and a hockey game. Good times have been had at hockey games. Hockey games draw an interesting crowd, and I'll leave it at that.

Awesome thing #4:
John deciding he needs practice and I'd make a good guinea pig. 
Who can say no to clean teeth?

P.S. Go Giants!!!



Today I miss college. All three of "my" colleges. I miss the farm lands surrounding BYU-Idaho. The small town atmosphere that engulfs you while you're there, and being a college student for the first time.

I miss laying on the beach in between classes, and the free exfoliation from a sand covered body at BYU-Hawaii. I miss living in paradise, and the ocean most of all.

When it comes to my BYU days, I really do miss everything. I miss being on campus. Walking in between classes with thousands of other students. Taking naps on the lawn near the library. Condo Row. The creamery. Intramurals. Tuesday morning Devotionals. Working in the computer labs. The bookstore. Hanging out in the LRC. Beverage nights. And BYU football. Yes, definitely BYU Football. And the excitement of game day in P-town! When it comes to all three BYU's, I miss my roommates, and the life long friends I made over the years. Oh to be a college student.

I don't miss the studying. The tests. The homework. Or sitting in lectures that never seemed to end. But I miss BYU football. The antsy crowd. Singing the cougar fight song. Being in the stadium on a Saturday afternoon. And usually walking away with a victory.

Somehow, with each new season away from Provo, and away from college, I've still found myself amongst a crowd of fans cheering on the blessed cougars. Not that everyone needs reminding, but it was at the BYU football game just last year where I "officially" met my husband for the first time. So, needless to say, we like BYU football, despite their horrible year they're having. We try not to be too shamed to say who we're cheering for. And tomorrow will be no exception. We're going to hold our heads high while wearing our cougar blue, and hope to be able to sing the fight song at least once during the game. But I won't be crossing my fingers. With the in-laws in town, we're headed down to Dallas in the morning to go cheer on our alma mater at the BYU/TCU game.

T.G.I.F., and as they say in Hawaii happy aloha Friday!


"With that jacket it looks good" -John*

When I moved away from DC, leaving behind my east coast life, my desire for fitness stayed behind, too. I'm not quite sure how it happened. But somehow, my desire to work out and stay physically fit hasn't quite been up to par like it used to be. Probably because I left behind one of the most fit places in the U.S. A place that made working out easy, fun, and enticing. In fact, it was almost hard not to work out when living back east. But now, I live in a place that makes working out so undesirable (in my eyes anyway) that it's become far more of a chore than a habit these days. So, what to do when I find myself in a slump? Buy new shoes of course! For me, a good pair of new running shoes is almost as good as an entirely new outfit. Go figure! But, I'm convinced that a good pair of shoes, not to mention ones that look incredibly awesome, make working out all the more desirable. You try buying a cool pair of running shoes and NOT use them. It's a challenge, I assure you. So, even if I do live in a city that's fairly ghetto, has hardly any sidewalks to run on, and no 
Lincoln Memorial steps, 

Capital Hill neighborhoods, 

 or a Mt. Vernon trail to run along, 
(especially during the fall time. Fall on the east coast is my all time favorite), 
my man and I will still be out running, with these new beauties on, 
carrying us all over our new found territory,

and we'll do our best to enjoy it just the same.  

*John's response when I asked him if my hair looked ok this morning. There's nothing quite like being married to an honest man.

p.s. thanks Mom for the awesome teeth gummies, courtesy of the great land of Sweden!


"We'll just stay up two hours later tonight, it'll be like going back in time." -John

I'm prefacing this with, "Sorry this is such a long post, but I'm not really short with words."

Sometimes I look back at my life over the past few years and wonder if I've degressed in life. The past few weeks are no exception. I've done (or not done) so many stupid things, that I wonder what's happening to me. Seriously, what's happening to me? To the point that it's scary. And today was just another embarrassing story to add to my collection.

John and I drive in to school/work together, nearly every morning. It's nice to get to spend the short drive to OU together, and to chat about our days when 5 o'clock finally rolls around. It's nice, because when he's not at school, and I'm not at work, he's studying, while I'm left to entertain myself (pre-kitty days anyway). So, needless to say, I look forward to our morning and evening drives together.

Today when the clock struck 5, I was eager to leave work, and head over to the dental school building to pick up the doctor himself. I stopped by my bosses office, to say goodnight, and ended up having a good 20 minute conversation with him about all things Oklahoma. I enjoyed the conversation, but I couldn't help but feel guilty for making John wait for me, since it was now 5:25 and I was still standing in my boss' office chatting it up. Normally I would have simply text John to say, hey, I'm running late, be there soon, but that would be too easy, and his phone doesn't exactly work at the moment. So, instead, I stood there chatting with my boss, feeling horrible for making John wait. Finally, I said goodnight and did a nice little power walk, in high heels might I add, to my car, and quickly drove over to his side of campus. And of course, was John there waiting for me? Nope, absolutely not. I forgot that on Wednesday's they have lab, and usually he stays a little longer to finish his project. I was feeling a little better about the situation, since now HE'D be the one to feel bad for making ME wait. But I didn't mind, I had my computer, so I pulled it out and did a little online shopping. J.Crew has some great stuff on sale you know! If I would have clicked the make purchase button, I would have spent well over $100. Good thing I refrained.

It's now 6:15, and I'm wondering where in the world John is, and why his project is taking so much longer than all of his friends, who have all said hi as they walked passed me to their cars. I had two thoughts. Either John is going to struggle as a dentist because it takes him far longer than everyone else to complete his projects (sorry honey), or, he's being a really good student and really making sure he gets an A on his project. It's now 6:45, and still no sight of the doctor, and I'm now thinking three new thoughts. One, he better hurry it up because I really have to go to the bathroom, and I don't know how much longer I can hold it, Two, I thought my future children were supposed to teach me patience, not my own husband? And three, boy, he's going to be so mad it's taken him this long to finish up whatever it is he's doing.

I gave up 'holding it' and drove across the street to the student union so I could go relieve myself. I left my phone in the car for obvious reasons. No on had called me the entire time I had been sitting in the car waiting. John's phone is sitting at home and out of order. I'm going to the bathroom, I don't really need to take it with me. But of course, when I got back into the car, to drive back over the our meeting place, that's when my phone would have a missed call AND text message from the one and only husband of mine. WHAT?! 

Text: Hey! I just got home. Where are you?


At first I thought it was a joke. So I started driving back to our spot, but quickly did a U-turn, in rage might I add, to head home. Feeling guilty, thinking it really was a joke, and he really was waiting for me, I decided to pull over into a parking lot to check my computer, thinking maybe he had emailed me in those few short minutes I was in the restroom. He beat me to the punch and called my phone instead.

Through my annoyance and anger, I tried to nicely say, ARE YOU REALLY AT HOME?

John: Yeah, I'm lying on our bed. Where are you? I thought you were heading home right after work?


I was furious, mad, angry, so annoyed, yet laughing at my stupidity. My emotions got the best of me on my drive home, (I was tired, hungry, and had been waiting for nearly two hours for him, I feel like my emotions are justified). So, through tears, accompanied by some laughter, I drive home as quickly as I could, marched into our bedroom, and plopped onto the bed, into John's arms. He laughed, and quickly apologized. I laughed back, and stated how mad I was. To which he responded, well, you don't look mad. But I was, kind of!

To make up for it, we went and got free ice cream from Cold Stone for our birthday's. Ice cream makes everything better. I'm just setting aside the thought that I had all intention of working out when I got home tonight. Why am I so forgetful sometimes? And always at my own expense.


The little kitty that could

Maybe we took him on our Sunday drive, and maybe he enjoyed it.
Our cat's pretty cool, that's all I have to say!
Yeah, we think we're pretty funny!


"We should do this every week" -John*

Yesterday morning we got up at the crack of dawn to run the 9 mile loop with some friends, around a lake, just up the street from our house. The last time I ran anywhere near 9 miles was during the D.C. half marathon, back in March. The last time John ran 9 miles? Never! The last time either of us actually went for a run? Weeks ago, and it was probably some flimsy 2 mile run at that. Since when did I stop running?!
So, why either of us thought we could wake up early, and go run 9 miles, is beyond us.
But, we went along for the adventure anyway. And I'd like to report, mission accomplished.

"We should do this every week," says the man who claims to hate running.
Hmm, seems we have a new runner on our hands.
I felt like a very proud wife, seeing him cross that imaginary finish line.
I imagine it's the same type of feeling you get when you see your child walk for the first time.

Are we still sore today? No comment.

*I've decided I should make the title of each post, a quote from John. He's full of so much wit and he doesn't even know it. It'll be his way of contributing to the blog that, despite my pleadings, he won't post on.


You know you've married a good man, when everyone tells him not to do something, and despite their disapproval, he does what he knows will make his wife happy. Yes, that definitely means you've married a good man. And marry a good man I did.

Point in case, meet Tobias, a.k.a Toby:

Best birthday present ever! I know dogs are the "cool" thing to get these days, but we like to be different, if you will, and go against the odds. Plus, it wasn't THAT long ago I had this little guy,

He was a present when my thumb sucking days ended.
Tobias is for turning 25.
Reaching lives milestones calls for elaborate gifts,
or at lest ones that are black, white and fuzzy all over.

John was just as excited for his gift, as I was with my new little kitty cat.

After work and school, it was off to get massages,
followed by dinner with our friends.

We survived sharing our first birthday,
and you know, it wasn't half bad.


"It's like Christmas" -John

I used to always want to be a twin. I envyingly watched my sisters do everything together when I was little, and I was jealous. I know my parents are pretty dang glad that my sisters were the twins in the family, and not me. Raising me was too much fun to begin with. I can't imagine what two of me would have been like. I once found a birthday card for my mom that said something along the lines of, "Aren't you glad I wasn't a twin?" mingled with a happy birthday in there somewhere. She told me that was the funniest, and most accurate birthday card I've ever given her. So, while I wasn't born a twin, and never had to share most of my clothes (I just got the hand-me-downs), toys, or a birthday for that matter, with another sibling (birthday cake, presents, the ENTIRE DAY), I scored the next "best" thing to being a twin. I married a man who has the same birthday as me. Or I have the same birthday as him? Probably a little more accurate, since he is two years older. Either way, we've tired to make it easy for people to remember. Fortunately enough (for me, more than for him), the sharing of clothes, does in fact, accompany this relationship. I like wearing his scrubs around the house, and he may or may not wear my socks to church on occasion. Not because he REALLY wants to though.

We've joked and said we should trade off whose birthday we celebrate each year. BUT, what fun would that be? I love birthday's. Not the whole getting older part, just the whole, "personal" holiday aspect of it all. And who better to share a birthday with, than the man I love?

We both kind of feel like it's Christmas today, since we're now sharing this holiday of ours, and woke up early and opened presents (although, in my family, we don't open Christmas presents until sometime around noon). We feel like everyone else should be celebrating their birthday's today, too. Like Christmas, it can be a universal holiday. So, here's to one year older for the both of us, (or everyone), and hopefully a little wiser too.


Friday at last

A job that allows me to work from home is my kind of job.
The boss went out of town today, and so did a few key co-workers I work with,
so, I get to do just that to day. Work from home.

Now that fall has arrived, and the weather is near perfect outside, high 70's with a light breeze, I figured I might as well take advantage of it, and my porch, and work from home, outside. What a perfect way to kick off the weekend.

Followed by:
The Oklahoma State Fair
A relaxing Saturday around the house
Hopefully squeezing in a game or two of tennis
General Relief Society Meeting
and making a delicious dessert, that I haven't quite decided on.
Suggestions are welcomed.