Moving on

I don't know if it's the approaching fall, I say approaching because it's still in the 90's here in OK, or the fact that my sister is moving away from D.C. this weekend, but all week long, I've long to be back on the east coast. I love the east coast. It's a love that I never knew would exists, seeing I was raised by some pretty awesome west coasters, and I'm a California wannabe at heart. But the east coast captured my heart four years ago, and never truly let go.

I've been thinking about D.C. all week, and I'm pretty sure the fact that my sister is leaving to embark on a new journey, come Saturday, is the reason behind all of this nostalgia. Just over four years ago she and I moved out there to start a new adventure. I had just graduated from college and was starting an internship, and she was leaving behind her reporting gig for something new and unknown. Being the poor kids we were, we bunked up with my brother and sis in-law for a few months. I was somehow spoiled with never having to share a room with a sibling growing up. But in DC, we not only got to share a room those first few months, we were lucky enough to share a bed. And oh, what fun times we had.

We lived out of our suitcases for a few months, I hated my internship, and my sister didn't have a job. I'm pretty sure we found ourselves at the back of the Lincoln weekly, crying, and wondering what in the world we were doing in D.C.?! We were there often enough we started referring to this time as our, 'Abe therapy'. For some reason, we both knew we were supposed to be there, but that didn't make it any easier. So, there we were, living in D.C., wondering what lied ahead.

I thought I'd be there for a few months, pack up, and head to California. But something kept me there, namely a job, and family, and so I stayed.

We eventually moved out, got a place of our own, and my sister, who is almost five years older than me, was lucky enough to keep sharing a room with her younger sister, thankfully not a bed this time. Every older sister's dream, right? We had our ups and downs that first year, probably more downs than ups, and of course, they all had to do with me being the younger sister, a little stubborn, and possibly a little bit bratty. Shocking, I know! Sure, I had seen better days than that year produced, but somehow, we made it through, and she even agreed to live with me for another year.

My time in D.C. was full of funny memories, some good, some bad, and some I never want to remember, but the memories I will never forget, and will always look back on fondly, was being with my sister, every.single.day. Oh how I love that sister of mine!

Two years into my east coast journey, a boy came along, one that lived in Oklahoma of all places, and somehow convinced me that moving to the mid-west would be a good idea. I wasn't the first Candrian girl to leave D.C. for a boy, and I'm not the last, either. Three Candrian girls all found themselves living in D.C., working at pretty great jobs, and, ironically enough, we have all packed our bags, with a ring on our finger, and moved on to a new life.

I couldn't be more thrilled for my sister and her new adventure, she deserves nothing but the best, but I'm also feeling a little bit sad that I will no longer have family in D.C. come Saturday. D.C. has been good to us Candrian's, and even if we all have some California in our blood, I think we'll all agree, a little bit of our heart will always be left in our nations capitol.

If you want to read another sisters perspective of our time in D.C. you can go here it's much more elegantly written,...obsessed much?



 I feel like I have nothing to blog about these days, which isn't the end of the world, I realize this, but writing, a.k.a. blogging, is my outlet, and I love sitting down and throwing words onto the screen from this little brain of mine.

Alas, I have nothing to talk about these days, besides a cute, chubby little boy, who is my life. But even he seems like he needs no words, pictures do him plenty of justice, and I post enough pictures of him online to show that he's growing, he's awesome, and he's pretty darn adorable if I do say so myself. Evidence above.

So, instead, unless you care to hear my insights of being a mom for all of four and a half months, I've got nothing. Nada. Zilch.

I mean, I guess could tell you about how much I still despise changing poopy diapers, something everyone said would be bearable when it's your own kid. To that I say, boo, it's a lie! Still hate it. Still think it's disgusting. Pretty sure that will never change. Ever! And the sad part is, they don't even really stink yet. I'm doomed.

Or, I could tell you that I don't mind being woken up at 3:30 in the morning anymore, because, instead of waking up to crying, we (or should I say I, because somehow men have this amazing talent of tuning out children when the suns not up) am now woken up to the sounds of a very chatty boy who thinks he needs to have conversations with himself, in the dark, and it's rather humorous. Thank goodness he falls back to sleep, otherwise it wouldn't be as funny.

I'm still struggling at this whole "stay at home mom" thing. Maybe I take the "stay at home" part too literal, so we try to get out at least once a day. But seriously, what do you people do all day long? Thankfully, I've had things to do, people to see, and places to go lately, but I'd be lying if I didn't say it's kind of boring at times. Yes, even with an adorable child by my side, it's possible for things to get boring around here. Gasp! Hard to believe, I know. I suppose I should start working on more projects...

After fourish months of being a mom, I do have to say it's pretty great, and I highly recommend it to anyone considering taking the "job". Sure there are hard days, but even me, the lady who once had a whiny baby is telling you it's totally worth it. And whiny baby and all, especially if it's your first, you'll just deal, because like you'll know any difference anyway. I guess the only downside to being a mom is you'll no longer get any sick days or accrue any vacation time. But even then, you can totally stay in your pajamas all the day long, every day...if you want that is, so it's pretty much the same thing. So really, all I'm trying to say here is this, being a mom rocks. Simple as that.


September is our month. Our month of turning older. Turning older on the exact same day. Sometimes I think it's completely awesome my husband and I share our birthday's, sometimes the selfish me wishes for my own day. But then, what fun would that be? Hello, we get to celebrate together, and there's something about celebrating turning older together, with the one you love, which makes it all the merrier. We can sulk in misery together. But not really, because he'll always be two years older, and I'll always be two years younger, and I rather enjoy reminding him that he's the "old" one.

Just today, while at the mall, I decided it's high time I get my free Godiva chocolate. I've been a rewards member since the beginning of the year, every month I get a free chocolate from them, IF I actually walk into the store and pick it up. Which I never do. Hello, free chocolate, why have I been neglecting you up for the past eight months? Well, little did I know, that during your birthday month, you also get $10 worth of free goods, too. I tell you, sign up NOW if you aren't a Godiva Rewards Club Member already. Listen, I'll even make it easy on you, all you have to do is click here. You're welcome. Now, don't be an idiot like me and let months and months go by before getting your free chocolate. It's free! And freakishly amazing! And did I mention FREE?!

After leaving the store with a bag full of chocolates that cost me all of $.54 cents, I immediately told John he had to sign up so we can go back to the store and get more. After all, it's his birthday month, too. So, now that he's signed up, we'll be marching our butts right back there soon, so we can devour even more free chocolates. Thank goodness for nursing, I'm living up eating like crap all I can!

Ok, now that I've sold you, right? Get this...

Aside from Godiva's love of free things when it's your birthday...or just every month in general, I started thinking about everything else you can get for free during your birthday month. I'm already signed up for a few other goods from other stores, I mean, hello, I'm a money saving, coupon giddy nerd, and now a stay-at-home mom whose a little bit broke, so, why not take advantage of all things free, right? A little much? No way. It's free, go crazy. 

I remembered seeing this post from one of the many coupon blogs I read, and decided to go a little hog wild and sign up for almost every single free thing one can get when it's their birthday. I know, I know, a little extreme, but like I said, free is free and I've already decided this month, even if it's almost half way over, will be spent hoping from one place to the next getting our free goods. After all, what fun is a birthday month if you don't actually celebrate it, right? And even better, we get two of everything for free.

Please tell me I'm not the only one who signs up for these things just to score free goods?


4 Months

My little buddy, you're four months old today, 
and still stubborn as ever.
And here I hoped for a baby that resembled more of your father.
Ha, who was I kidding, I have lessons to be learned.

Stubborn and all, you're still the cutest kid around, and I just can't get enough of you.
Your laughs, smiles, and constant babbling melt my heart.
You know how to get what you want, and will protest until you succeed.
Hmm, sounds like someone else I know.  

You're rolling over, sitting up, we discovered that one yesterday, and can stand with help.
Everything goes in your mouth these days.
In fact, your fingers are becoming your favorite toy
And I think you much prefer them to that darn binkie of yours.
Is that bad I'm ok with that?
Listen, I was a thumb sucker, and I still have good teeth.
Forget what your dad the dentist says.

You refuse to not know what's going on around you.
Yes, that even means you're protesting naps these days.
And here I thought we were doing so well in the sleep department.
Just when I think I have you figured out, what works, what doesn't, 
You throw that darn curve ball at me.
Yes, you sure keep things interesting around here.

Nights are your favorite, and I thank you for sleeping so well. 
6:30pm-7am, sometimes 8 if we're lucky, 
it's a little bit of heaven to our, often times, crazy days.

I can't believe you're four months old already,
yet, oddly enough, I feel like you've been mine forever.
Funny how that works.

We just love you to pieces, and love watching you discover new things!
You sure make our everyday a little bit sweeter.

Now, stop growing, because you're huge! 
Where did my baby go?
Oh, right, I never really had one of those, did I?


Growing like a weed

I am in no rush for this baby of mine to grow up,
but, I'm pretty sure he already considers himself a big boy.