"It's like Christmas" -John

I used to always want to be a twin. I envyingly watched my sisters do everything together when I was little, and I was jealous. I know my parents are pretty dang glad that my sisters were the twins in the family, and not me. Raising me was too much fun to begin with. I can't imagine what two of me would have been like. I once found a birthday card for my mom that said something along the lines of, "Aren't you glad I wasn't a twin?" mingled with a happy birthday in there somewhere. She told me that was the funniest, and most accurate birthday card I've ever given her. So, while I wasn't born a twin, and never had to share most of my clothes (I just got the hand-me-downs), toys, or a birthday for that matter, with another sibling (birthday cake, presents, the ENTIRE DAY), I scored the next "best" thing to being a twin. I married a man who has the same birthday as me. Or I have the same birthday as him? Probably a little more accurate, since he is two years older. Either way, we've tired to make it easy for people to remember. Fortunately enough (for me, more than for him), the sharing of clothes, does in fact, accompany this relationship. I like wearing his scrubs around the house, and he may or may not wear my socks to church on occasion. Not because he REALLY wants to though.

We've joked and said we should trade off whose birthday we celebrate each year. BUT, what fun would that be? I love birthday's. Not the whole getting older part, just the whole, "personal" holiday aspect of it all. And who better to share a birthday with, than the man I love?

We both kind of feel like it's Christmas today, since we're now sharing this holiday of ours, and woke up early and opened presents (although, in my family, we don't open Christmas presents until sometime around noon). We feel like everyone else should be celebrating their birthday's today, too. Like Christmas, it can be a universal holiday. So, here's to one year older for the both of us, (or everyone), and hopefully a little wiser too.


Friday at last

A job that allows me to work from home is my kind of job.
The boss went out of town today, and so did a few key co-workers I work with,
so, I get to do just that to day. Work from home.

Now that fall has arrived, and the weather is near perfect outside, high 70's with a light breeze, I figured I might as well take advantage of it, and my porch, and work from home, outside. What a perfect way to kick off the weekend.

Followed by:
The Oklahoma State Fair
A relaxing Saturday around the house
Hopefully squeezing in a game or two of tennis
General Relief Society Meeting
and making a delicious dessert, that I haven't quite decided on.
Suggestions are welcomed.



Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to my old man.

For all the times he's washed my car,
given me money when I needed it,
been a shoulder to cry on,
or just a listening ear when I needed to talk.
For all of the father's blessings I've asked for,
and all of the great advice he seems to be full of.
And of course for dealing with my stubborn attitude,
but loving me anyway.
I think the world of my old man,
and wish more than anything I was home with him to celebrate.

Boy do I love him,
and love being his littlest (not in size, just age) girl.
And I wouldn't have it any other way.


If I must

I'll give up the things I love. Not because I want to, but because I near have to. Trust me. What a shame it is, that some of the taste buds greatest have to be shunned by someone such as myself. Someone who LOVES to eat, and generally speaking, eat healthy. But it's come to that point where my body is begging me to-stop-eating-what's-not-good-for-it. STOP already!

While most people can sit down and eat a nice green salad. I can't. Not with an allergy to lettuce. What? who's allergic to lettuce? Seriously, that doesn't even make sense.

Then add watermelon to the mix. At least I've heard of this one before.

I used to be obsessed (quite literally actually) with homemade granola. I ate it all the time. Granted, I never felt so hot afterwards (blamed it's fibrous reasons before I learned the truth), but boy did I love it's fresh, goodness. Old fashion oats, a bit of honey, coconut, sunflower seeds, brown sugar, cinnamon, vanilla, and a few other ingredients I can't remember at the moment. What's important here, is that three of these ingredients I'm allergic to, one of them being the OATS, and the others, cinnamon, and vanilla. Ok, seriously people? How is this possible? Oats, as in those heart healthy little, well, oats, that are good for you? I know, boggles my mind too. But unfortunately, very unfortunately, it's true.

Peanuts are another one of those, Amy-don't-eat kind of foods or you'll pay the price. Now this might sound disgusting, but I LOVE peanut butter. That's not the disgusting part. To the point that last year at work, I had to run across the street to buy a jar at CVS because I was craving it so badly. Yes, I was eating spoonfuls. That's the disgusting part. Even now, I want everything to have peanut butter mixed into it. Smoothies, pancakes, cupcakes (yes, I made them and they're absolutely delicious), by the spoonful, etc. etc. etc. Well, goodbye PB&J. Goodbye peanut butter bars, reese's peanut butter cups, peanut butter M&M's, etc. etc. etc. This is just getting more depressing by the ingredient.

And just to top off the rest, lima beans (I'm SO ok with that one), rye, histamine, walnuts, and corn. Talk about a list of random foods to have an aversion to.

Why am I bothering to inform all of you of this, you may be wondering? Well, I've told myself time and time again (at least in the last five months since I learned of these "allergies") that I'd stop eating this stuff. And maybe it happened when I was living at home before I got married. Boy was my mom good about not putting any of these ingredients into our food. But now that I've left home, and started doing my own cooking, or indulging, forgive me for wanting to have a bowl full of cookies and cream ice cream (vanilla based), or a PB&J sandwich, or O's for breakfast or most other cereals for that matter, or a fresh green salad. How dare my body crave such things. Seriously. I figured if I made it public, public outside of my own mind, and outside of telling my dear husband who occasionally questions my indulgences, or eggs them on, it's really got to stop. My body just can't handle it anymore. So here is my oath, that for at least a long while (is until January a long while?), I will refrain from eating some healthy foods, and others not so much, but ones that make other foods taste even better, all for the sake of feeling happy, healthy, and bloated free. I'm telling myself it will be worth it. But come the new year, if my body isn't thanking me, I'm going to make myself a smoothie with a scoop of peanut butter in it, with a PB&J sandwich, and have a nice big green salad, sprinkled with cinnamon, walnuts, corn, oats, vanilla, rye, lima beans, and watermelon, and say FORGET IT!


Best part of the week at last

Getting to spend some real time with him
I love weekends

We'll be busy
Eating a (hopefully) delicious meal with friends tonight, at this highly rated place

Deep cleaning our house, due to previously mentioned mice incident, one post earlier...
one killed, who knows how many more to go

Taking time to make this yummy salad
I've already made it once, but it's that good I need it again

And this delicious looking dessert
a craving for the last two weeks now

Hoping BYU doesn't make a fool out of themselves against FSU on Saturday

I may or may not be convincing my husband that we need one of these, to help with the mice problem, particularly one named Theo

And debating if I want to start reading this trillogy
I'm not one for reading books that are part of a series, unless their THAT good

Oh, and to kick off the weekend on an entertaining note,
I'm still laughing at this video and this one
"what does this mean?"
"I don't do well with this stuff..."
Oh man, good stuff




As if having moved into a house with a toilet full of human waste wasn't enough, I just recently discovered we have mice in our house, too. I don't relate it to the fact that we live in an old house. Nor a dirty one at that. Hey, my roommates and I once killed five mice/rats in our house when I lived in Hawaii, and that was just in a few short months. But that house was kind of old, and dirty, too, so it made more sense. I think I even found it more entertaining than disturbing back then, than I do know. Probably because I was only 19, I was such a kid. Don't let that face fool you either (in the picture on the right), I was only doing it for dramatic effect. Although, let's be honest, that thing was huge, and completely disgusting.

So, unfortunately, this isn't something I've never dealt with before. But it's definitely not something I enjoy either mind you. However, I'm relating it to the fact that it's Oklahoma, and it's hot and humid outside, and they want an escape. Poor little guys. NOT! That, and our house is pretty comfy and cozy to hang out in. And we are a rather enjoyable couple, even if we're not home most of the day, and when we are, John's studying and I'm hanging out with my computer (yes, I'm aware, I need hobbies). Regardless of all of this, I don't enjoy finding droppings on my cookie sheets, nor do I like finding surprises in my slippers. YUCK! The questions is, clearly they're coming inside, but WHY haven't they bothered to eat any of our food. I find that peculiar for some reason. I'm grateful for obvious reasons, but what are they doing in our house besides pooping everywhere? Whatever! Traps will be in full swing tomorrow, and since I'm sure none of you are planning on coming to visit us anyway, besides our parents of course, I feel no shame in giving you yet another reason why you probably won't make it to our neck of the woods. I'm sure your list of reasoning for not coming to visit looks something like this:

1-too far away-where is Oklahoma anyway?
Side note: I'm shocked at how many people really aren't sure where Oklahoma is. Come on people, what happened to those 5th grade U.S geography lessons?
Bonus side note: Our capitol is Oklahoma City, just in case you were wondering and forgot your capitols, too

Double bonus side note: play this game. Then you'll never have to ask embarrassing questions again! And if you get hooked, on this and other games, I apologize in advance.

2-your house once had a toilet that smelled like an out house--It HAS been resolved, so that's a petty excuse (sister, that's directed at you)

3-you now have mice. Sick nasty little critters leaving droppings in your house and on your stuff, and certainly I don't want their remains on my stuff, too--ok ok, that's at least a semi-legit reason.

Maybe one day, despite these three reasonings, (it's only been two months, so I'm sure I'll keep adding to your list), you'll change your mind. In fact, I'm sure I can give you more reasons to visit than not.

We'll start with the first one.

1- WE live here, in a really cute house. Just ignore two out of three of your reasonings above. And let's face it, you know you all miss us, whoever you all are! At least we like assuming that anyway, so humor us and pretend it's true.



Since my parents left for Sweden approximately 13 hours after I arrived in Utah, and John is still in Oklahoma, it's been pretty lonely and quite around the house. Quiet is nice, but lonely, not so much. So, today, I decided I'd take some flowers (thanks to Liz's wedding) and go hang out with one of my best friends. Boy do I miss having her around.



I'm on my way to the temple to see a dear friend get married, to her soon-to-be husband, a wedding I couldn't be more excited about. This couple is simply amazing, and I wish them all the best. And for selfish reasons, the greatest thing about this wedding is that, it just so happens to be on the exact same day, merely two months later, that I married my husband, for time and all eternity. Two months is nothing in the grand scheme of things, but the last two months have been incredible, and I couldn't be more happy or more in love with my doctor, than I am right now. I don't think I could have asked for a greater two month anniversary present, than to witness my own friend take the same step in life, and receive the same blessings that I received, just two months ago. What a great opportunity to be reminded of the blessings that come with an eternal marriage, by witnessing Mark and Liz's sealing. So, here's to two months of happiness, and many many many more to come. John, I love you, thanks for choosing me to spend eternity with, and thanks for letting me come home to Utah, while you stayed behind to study. I sure do love you! xoxo



Another Labor Day weekend success

Little did I know, that last year when I flew to Dallas, Texas over Labor Day weekend, for the BYU/OU game, that not only would an OU game become a Labor Day weekend tradition, but getting to hang out with John, would also become part of that tradition as well.

Last year's Labor Day weekend was pretty great, as apparent in this post here, but I failed to mention the best part of that weekend, which included, meeting up with a certain someone, who I had been crushing on for far too long. It was too early in our "relationship" to express those kinds of exciting details of my weekend, in this public domain, so I kept them to myself. However, now, merely one year later, I'm married to that man who I was lucky enough to "officially" meet up with just one year ago. And to add to the humor of it all, I now work for OU, too.

I think Labor Day weekend is quickly becoming my new favorite weekend of the year. Last years was definitely a blast, and this year, things only got better:

Let the tradition continue, the OU/Utah State game:

Then, it was off to spend the rest of the weekend camping. I learned a few things on this camping trip. Either being married makes camping a whole lot more enjoyable, or it helps to have a really fun group of people to go on the excursion with you. Either way, I enjoyed camping for a change, and I don't think John heard one word of complaint coming from my mouth. A shocker, I'm sure!

A few things that help camping to become more enjoyable.
1-Eating really well. Nothing beats dutch oven cooking:

2-Being near water:

3-Cliff jumping:

Contemplating our strategy to jump:

I wish more weekends could be labor free!


Dr. not Mrs.

I used to play doctor, not house, when I was a little girl. I used to take a first aid kit out to recess, in case anyone got hurt, just so I could doctor them up. I loved watching surgeries on T.V., and dreamt about being the surgeon behind the mask. Maybe in another life when I have more brains. I think scrubs are sexy, so it's a good thing my husband comes home every night in them. To me, they're a symbol of intelligence. I love the medical field, and now that I work for a surgeon, and am married to a soon-to-be-dentist, I feel like I can live my life vicariously through them for the time being. So, when my boss gave me this white coat, to wear in his office, to keep me warm, I felt like I won the lottery. According to my colleagues, the white coat and glasses make me look intelligent. I told them it makes me work harder, oh, and that they can refer to me as Dr. Lovell from here on out. It's a partial dream come true.