Catch up

I can't believe it's been two months since Gwen joined our family. Two months. Good grief, that was the fastest two months of my life. I still feel like we have days where we're adjusting over here, but then we have really good days and I think I've got this whole mothering thing in the bag. But let's not kid myself, we've spent a LOT of time in front of the T.V. because you know what, sometimes I just need a minute to feed Gwen without being pulled in another direction by a very demanding little boy.

I like to think he's a pretty smart cookie and that T.V. isn't totally damaging him. I'm also glad that in five years he won't remember that I sat him in front of the T.V. a lot so I could get things done. At least I hope he doesn't remember because i'm pretty sure I can't recall a single thing from when I was that age. 

Moving on. 

We move soon. Like two weeks soon. And oh my goodness I've done nothing to prepare. I think that's how I handle big changes, I wait until the last minute to focus on what really matters. It's my way of saying, 'this isn't really happening' but it is, and we're exciting. But how do you really prepare for an overseas move? I have no idea! Instead of focusing on the here and now, I'm worried about how our rooms are going to be decorated. 

Gwen has been a champion baby. She eats, sleep, and poops on occasion. Sure, she fusses too, what baby doesn't, but overall she's awesome, and I feel lucky. 

She loves to coo and smile at you and sometimes I think she fusses because she just wants someone to talk to her. No one can get her to coo like Preston though. Anytime he's around her, which is a lot because he's a little obsessed, she's fixated on him. I hope they grow up to be the best of friends.

We blessed her in church on July 6th and it was so nice to have my parents fly into town and my sister and her family drive up from Tennessee. One day we WILL live close to family. I keep telling myself that and it gives me hope that it will happen. We just need three years and an entire ocean separating us first before we can settle down somewhere. But it WILL happen. I love family too much to always be so darn far apart. 

Gwen is so opposite of Preston in so many ways. I can lay her down wide awake and she'll fall asleep on her own. She's already rolling over and has been since she was only a few weeks old. She sleeps awesome in her crib and gives me a solid eight and a half hours of sleep most nights. It's heavenly. My fingers are crossed that this sweet little girl gets more of her dad's personality than mine, but, she does have red hair so we'll just have to wait and see. But I have high hopes for her that she'll be a little more relaxed and a lot less dramatic. But yes, I'm raising a daughter now, so, I'm not holding my breath on that one. 

Preston just gets smarter and smarter each day. The things he says and comes up with blow my mind. He notices everything around him and he makes sure you notice everything with him. He's obsessed with trains, and tractors, and airplanes, and I'm excited to move and give him a whole big boy room designed around all of those things. See, that's really the only place my mind is, I'm scouring pinterest like crazy lately. 

My favorite Preston sayings lately are:

"You know what my want, mom?" this is his way of stalling before naps and bed, he always wants something. 
"It's ok sweetheart, it's ok!" whenever Gwen is fussing. 
He loves to sing her Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and if she stops crying, even for a moment while he's singing, he proclaims so proudly, "She's happy now!" 
The other morning when I went to get him out of his crib he said to me, "You know what my want mom? Watermelon, and sausage, and eggs! Will that be fun, mom?"
And his prayers, oh his prayers, they are the cutest thing in the world. He blesses everything in sight and my favorite part is when he says, "...please bless Jesus!" 

I've got some good kids on my hands. They're pretty much my favorite.