Splish Splash

We expected crying and screaming.
Instead, we got eyebrow raises and some squirming.
We're pretty sure that was his way of telling us he's almost a fan.


Nothing a weekly tradition can't fix.
This boy is going to love all things water soon enough, fingers crossed.
After all, he is our son, so it comes with the territory. 

I bet he was just squirming we were putting him in pool water and not ocean water.
So particular that one.
Soon enough little guy, soon enough! 

Welcome summer and 100 degree weather.


Discoveries, 6 Week Style

 Someone discovered his tongue this week...

And swings...

And what the baby bjorn is all about. 

 We, on the other hand, discovered that blow dryers are good for more than drying hair, 
they can also lure your child into a sleep coma...

 That our little PJ needs a KD jersey to truly catch the Thunder fever around here...

And morning cuddles in bed make for a happy day!

Our lives have quickly transformed to all things baby.
Which is ok when I have a little hunk of cuteness on my hands. 
11 pounds of cuteness to be exact. 
He's growing like a man, and rightfully so!

I still can't get over the fact that I'm a mother and I have a son. I wouldn't go as far as saying that that thought weirds me out everyday, I'm passed that point, but truth be told, it still has a tendency to shock me more often than not. Someday it will seem normal, right? But then he'll be off to college, or heaven forbid getting married, and it will get all weird on me again. 


Who knew

Lets face the facts here, I have a whiny baby. Love the little guy to death, LOVE him, but he's a baby, and he cries, or at least whines, a lot...at least at night. I blame it on his bad gas. It's in his genes...both sides. Sick! Ha, the poor kid, he's doomed! Moving on...I'm sure he's in pain a good portion of the time, and pain equals tears, right? It is what it is. We manage around here, and I think things are getting better. Knock on wood.

It's either the gas, or being overly tried 99.9 precent of the time. He hates sleeping. At least that's my theory. He'll dose off only to realize what he's doing and be wide eyed two seconds later, forgetting sleep all together. He fights it. Big time. Stubborn? Maybe. Does that mean he's taking after me? We only hope not.

I've yet to be annoyed by any of this, meaning, I've yet to have my own emotional breakdown, or throw up my hands in defeat. Mostly, I just feel bad for the little guy. But he's just so cute, half of the time I don't care if he's all smiles or all tears, I'm just glad he's mine and that we get to hang out all day long, everyday. Love the kid to death.

Today, while hanging out with a friend, she mentioned something to me about the five words babies say to communicate to us, she couldn't remember what they were, but said it was on the Oprah show once upon a time. So, what did I do, I whipped my phone right out and began googling what in the world she was talking about. And low and behold, THIS is what she was referring to:

Since about 4pm this afternoon after watching this clip, until now, I feel like I all of a sudden have a new way of looking at my sweet little whiny boy. Oh, he's hungry. It's the gas! Aw, yes, you ARE tired, STOP fighting it. etc. etc. Those are just a few of the things I've found myself saying since this afternoon. I swear my life just changed for the better. But, sadly enough, he's usually telling me the gas is giving him a run for the money. Like I said before, the poor boy, he's totally doomed!

Am I the only one that has never heard of this before? Probably. But it's genius, and I honestly feel like things are going to be SO much better now that I can speak, er, understand, baby talk. Don't worry little guy, we're on the same page now, it's going to be OK...and I say this while my child, who hasn't slept since 4pm this afternoon (it's now 10:40pm, and trust me, I've TRIED to get him to sleep) is wide awake, with no sign of sleep in the near future, none whatsoever! Oh, bless this sweet baby of mine, he loves to keep life exciting.


Three down, one to go...

...or is it two down, one to go since I cheated this whole dental school thing and skipped out on the first year? Either way, we're down to the homestretch here and it feels rather, nice? Odd? Exciting? Crazy? Sad? Perhaps all of the above.

Twelve months and counting and it's all over. Kind of. Hot dang!

John headed back to school today after a nice, and perfectly timed, three week break. It was heavenly, and I was sad to have this weekend come to an end. No more sleeping in for me. Yes, I just had a baby, but I've still slept in until almost 9:30 every morning since he arrived. Spoiled, I know. Awesome husband. Totally! I completely took advantage of having my husband home for three weeks, because sadly, three weeks had to end, and end it did. Hello 7am! Hello last first day of school, ever!!

John was a trooper and took the little one in the early mornings and let me sleep. You know, since he's your typical man and somehow sleeps right through the middle of the night cry attacks for food. How do men sleep through that? If I slept through that it'd probably be considered child abuse (at four weeks old I don't think you can really institute the whole "cry it out" thing just yet...that just seems cruel). Either way, the last month, because yes, my child will be one month old tomorrow, (weird!), has been the best month ever with John around, and the little one of course. I miss him already.

Poor me, I now have to face reality of being on my own all day long. Wah wah wah!

Good thing the little man was full of smiles for me all morning long. I think that was his way of telling me everything is going to be all right, I can handle being on my own, he'll be good to me. At least that's what I like to tell myself since he was all talkative and smiles this morning as we read stories together, and now, as I type this, he's sleeping away cute as ever. See, everything is going to be all right! Piece of cake! I've got this!

So, here's to riding solo with the little one.
Here's to my husband being a fourth year! Woot woot!
Here's to living it up in Oklahoma for the next twelve months!
And here's to change, because I feel like change is all we're about these days.

Even though my life doesn't totally feel like my life at the moment, I'm pretty sure this is an exciting time around here right about now. And as my girl Avril would say, "everythings changing when I turn around all out of my control I'm a mobile."

Hold on tight, this year is going to FLY by.