Sometimes I look at my baby, and, even in his fussiest state, feel pretty darn lucky he's mine. I know I'm totally bias, but I really think I have the cutest kid around.

I'm pretty sure the words, "I just love him" leave my mouth at least a hundred times a day, along with, "he's just SO cute." For some reason, I'm still in shock at how cute my baby is. Who knew John and I were capable of creating such a handsome little man?

Sleep training is behind us, somewhat. It's still in the works kind of, but for the most part, we've eliminated the sleep/wake cycle that was driving me up the wall, and it feels like quite the accomplishment. We've also eliminated the bouncing around the room, squats, and plies, just to keep him happy, which is a nice relief to be done with, I was starting to get tired. But, thanks to him, I now have a firm bum and toned thighs, so, perhaps his fussiness hasn't been all that bad. Three months of continuos squats, numerous times a day, is the trick people. And let's face it, there could be worse things to complain about than a fussy baby who, in return, gives me some welcomed definition.


And so it begins

The dreaded sleep training that is. He's already an awesome sleeper, sleeping between 8-10 hours most nights, and has been for at least a month and a half now (aside from our vacay), but the putting him down part, well, that's where we "struggle". We tried this awful task at two months old, and, after a failed attempt, more on our part than his, we're back at it again. How was I a-ok with hearing my child scream in his crib at two months old, and a month later, it's beyond heartbreaking. Probably because at two months old he was still in that, cry all the time, phase so, it was nothing new. Now, he's like the happiest, cutest, and funniest little thing I ever did see, and it kills me. After 45 minutes of screaming, he's finally calmed down, except now, it's even more heart breaking because he's just in there whimpering to himself. You know, that whimpering that happens while you're calming yourself down after a good hard cry. Yes, it's killing me. That poor little boy.

Here's to hoping my sweet little baby can quickly learn how to put himself down to sleep at night, instead of relying on me to rock him into his slumber every.single.night. But first, why, may I ask, is that such a bad thing? Rocking my child to sleep is one of my favorite things to do, ever! I cherish those moments at night, knowing it won't last. Yet, every single baby book that I've read, warns against it. A bad habit they say.

When is loving on your child ever a bad thing? Answer me that.


Home at last

After three weeks of vacation, four plane flights, and jumping from one place to the next, it's good to finally be home, although, I discovered, sadly, one of the only things I really missed while being on vacation, my dear electric toothbrush. Honest. I couldn't wait to brush my teeth last night. Nerd!

Another thing I missed, a good nights sleep. I think God took pity on me for being the mother of a fussy child and blessed me with a baby who knows how to sleep...at night that is. Then we went on vacation. Now, those 8-10 hours of solid rest are history, and have been for three weeks now, I PRAY history repeats itself. I'm tired. Like really tired, and I somehow landed a nasty head cold while we were in California, which makes it all the worse. Being sick and tired is never a happy combination, especially when you add a child that needs loving to the mix.

Neither of us were too thrilled about the idea of coming home, but, we knew it was time. Now, it's back to real life, which, sadly isn't much. Mostly John being in school all day, while I chill at home with the cutest baby around. Just living the life over here!

I'm going to miss these three weeks of vacation once dental school is over.


Life Lately

I commented to John the other day that now that we have a child, I feel like I have less to blog about than before...which wasn't much anyway, but less nonetheless. How is that possible? Once you have a baby, aren't you supposed to be blogging up the wazoo?


But I think the real truth is, I'm afraid of this here blog turning into a "mommy blog" and really, we don't do much around here now that we have a kid. Our lives are pretty much summed up right here:

Sure, I have the cutest kid ever, and I'm happy to freely admit that, and like any mom, I'm happy to show him off to anyone and everyone around, but I'm pretty sure our families are the only ones who care about how cute our kid can giggle when we kiss and tickle his neck.

This is our kind of exciting these days, don't be too jealous.