While John jetted off to Mexico to pull teeth for spring break, Mr. P and I headed off to SLC to be with family. A week with no husband is much more enjoyable not alone.

We ate lots of good food, like maybe we went to Kneaders three times in one week, but somehow missed entirely In n' Out and Cafe Rio. We'll be back in May, so I felt ok about it.

We hung out with my sister and had some good cousin time for a few short days.

We froze our butts off, and later some got sick, after running in the Rex Lee Run down in Provo. Was it worth it? Sure, even if my cousin beat me and I was convinced he'd be eating my wind.

We lounged. A lot! It happens when you have no car, parents are being responsible and working, and the house was being fixed after an awesome pipe break/water leak.

We celebrated my moms birthday and ate lots of delicious food...that she prepared. I promise I offered. At least I did the cake.

We got to see Johns parents who so happened to be in town at the same time. Little PJ loved that. (Forgot to capture that moment on the phone)

And then I splurged and had the bachelor superstar, Ms. Money do my hair.

Now, vacation mode is over and I'm already anticipating the arrival of May, when we get to bask in said mode all over again, but this time it'll be all.summer.long!


It's not all terrible

Selling our house hasn't been as smooth sailing as I'd like. Meaning, we didn't get any offer(s) the first day we put it on the market, nor the 31st. nor any day in between. But, all along I knew this process would require patience on my part, so, I'm doing my best to show I have some, and not thinking about the fact that May will be here before we know it. Come graduation, we anticipated we'd be out of here. We'll see if that really happens. Perhaps we'll be spending the summer in Oklahoma after all. Hot. Humid. Bug overload. Ugh!

As much as I'd love my house to sell asap, the whole 'selling your house' thing hasn't been as terrible as I expected. Yes, even with multiple showings a week, and a little rambunctious 10 month old, I surprisingly haven't wanted to pull my hair out. In fact, part of me has enjoyed reasons to keep my house semi-spotless all week long.

It's amazing how quickly our house can go from looking like this:

Spotless and ready to win over potential buyers.

To this:

Completely taken over by my baby in a matter of seconds.

All I have to say is thank goodness I live in a small house. Otherwise I may be bald. Now someone come buy our house.



Spring is coming, which means more runs outside, and more time spent at the playground. Today, we combined the two. I told P if he was good on our run I'd reward him with some playground action. Ok, so, maybe we would have ended up at the playground regardless of his behavior, fussy or not. Llike I'd really punish a 10 month old. I'm sure those days are just around the corner though, with his new found tantrum throwing self.

This kid is crazy. But mostly crazy awesome.

Case in point:

10 months old and he's already mastered the slide. I have a feeling we'll be living at the playground with this one.


10 Months

10 months looks pretty good on this little boy, whose really not so little at all. 
In fact, sometimes I forget he's only 10 months, seeing that he's as big as some two year olds I know. 
Where did my baby go? I think about this a lot, and then remind myself that I never really had a baby.
Although, he is still crawling, so that somewhat helps me feel like I DO have a baby, which is comforting. 

At 10 months:
He sleeps like a champ, 7pm-7am. Uninterrupted sleep is amazing. 
On a good day he'll still have two naps that are usually an hour to and hour and half long, each. Thankfully we have lots of good days.
He crawls all over the place and pulls himself up on any and everything. 
LOVES being outside.
Is getting really good at recognizing things; dogs, airplanes, birds, lights. If he see's one, and you ask him where it is, he'll either look in the direction of it, or point at it and squeal with excitement. It's pretty cute. 
Talks up a storm. Dada, is his favorite word, followed by yeah, wow, dah (dog), and ha (hi). There's an occasional mom in there when he's feeling so inclined. 
He loves to play copy-cat, you squeal, he'll squeal, you growl, he'll growl, etc. 
Waves hi and bye. 
Only has two teeth, but drools like 10 more are on their way.
He's getting a ton of hair, but we're still not entirely sure what color it is. Sometimes it looks a little redish (ugh), but other times it's definitely brown.  Only time will tell.
Totally a moma's boy, and still throws fits when I'm not around.
He's SUPER ticklish, so, naturally we LOVE to tickle him.
And basically he's the cutest kid ever. Ever. Ever!
 We love you little man. 


He'd live outside if we let him

Great weather makes for a great weekend. A weekend spent mostly outdoors, playing, playing, playing. And when weekends are spent mostly outdoors, life just seems pretty good. And when I say I like spending time outdoors, I don't actually mean camping or anything else of that nature. Let's not confuse anyone here!

I've decided one of the best things about being a parent is getting to experience being a child all over again. This is just reason number 2356 that having a child is awesome. The thrill of going down a slide. The smiles that come from swinging on the swing-set. And the laughter that follows doing the simplest things. My life doesn't seem to be quite as carefree as it once was when I was little, so, it's fun to see things through the eyes of a child and be reminded of how great life really is.

Our weekend was spent "exploring" downtown. Sadly something that can be done in about two seconds flat, but we "explored" anyway, and ended up at the children's garden portion of the Myriad Botanical Gardens:


And on Sunday after church we headed up to the lake to fly kites. When it's nearly 70 out in March, it's a crime to stay indoors: 

The kid's a natural: 

We couldn't leave without watching some of the kite surfers out in the lake, and then long to be near the ocean. Muddy lake water isn't quite as enticing:

This kid is all smiles when he's outside, so, brace yourself for a little arched back tantrum throwing boy, when you dare bring him inside. It's not pretty.



In January I made a goal to read the entire Book of Mormon from cover to cover. I completed that goal and loved every second of it.

February I dedicated to love, and tried to be more loving. I semi-completed that goal, with my 14-Days of Valentines for my one and only. But, being the human I am, I still had those moments of being, well, me. And sometimes being me isn't always pleasant. Or pretty. Goodbye February.

Hello, March! This month I'm determined to have healthier gums because I'll be flossing my teeth every.single.day. A rare occurrence in my mouth. And yes, I'm married to a soon-to-be dentist. The audacity. I know.

I usually don't make new years resolutions, but this year I thought it would be fun to set a new goal each month and try to stick with it, you know, with the idea in mind that I'd carry these new found skills/abilities/desires/etc. into the following month and therefore throughout the reminder of the year, making this the best year yet.

I'm toying with the idea of April being a sweets free month. But, with wanting this to be the best year yet, I'm not sure eliminating sweets will make April a very happy month. We shall see.

I'd like to think this year is off to a semi-good start, but as life goes, there is always room for improvement. And unfortunately, I don't think improving is a goal that can ever be reached. So, does that mean these goals are useless after all?