It's not all terrible

Selling our house hasn't been as smooth sailing as I'd like. Meaning, we didn't get any offer(s) the first day we put it on the market, nor the 31st. nor any day in between. But, all along I knew this process would require patience on my part, so, I'm doing my best to show I have some, and not thinking about the fact that May will be here before we know it. Come graduation, we anticipated we'd be out of here. We'll see if that really happens. Perhaps we'll be spending the summer in Oklahoma after all. Hot. Humid. Bug overload. Ugh!

As much as I'd love my house to sell asap, the whole 'selling your house' thing hasn't been as terrible as I expected. Yes, even with multiple showings a week, and a little rambunctious 10 month old, I surprisingly haven't wanted to pull my hair out. In fact, part of me has enjoyed reasons to keep my house semi-spotless all week long.

It's amazing how quickly our house can go from looking like this:

Spotless and ready to win over potential buyers.

To this:

Completely taken over by my baby in a matter of seconds.

All I have to say is thank goodness I live in a small house. Otherwise I may be bald. Now someone come buy our house.


JazznJenna said...

I feel for you! I'm so glad that selling our house is ten years away. Or so. Who knows. Anyway, good luck this month!

Rob said...

Your house looks beautiful! I think you and John did an amazing job with it.
Good luck selling! You just need ONE fish to bite.

Rob said...

from Lorena

AJ Candrian said...

Your house really is darling! I'm sure someone will want it to be theirs soon!

Brittany said...

If you think those are messes, you haven't seen my house (and I know you have). I'm dreading going through that process next year.