Tokyo Part 2

And some more pictures, because, well, why not? 

Takeshita Street:

Wearing out our little traveler:


Wearing them out but also trying to keep them happy. Swan paddle boat ride? Sure, why not:

The Imperial Palace...hidden in this picture, but it was there, and we saw it:

Mixing the imperial world with the modern one:

And again, just trying to keep the little ones happy. I'd like to think we succeeded, more or less:

Our gorgeous view of Tokyo from where we stayed. 

The famous Shibuya Crossing, the worlds busiest intersection:

Followed by the best ramen we've had out here. Oishi! 

And we ended the trip by walking to the temple:

I'm sure this was just our first of many trips to Tokyo.


I love that mainland Japan is just a hop, skip, and a jump away...more or less. Over Memorial Weekend we decided to go check out Tokyo and see what that big city hype is all about. It definitely had some crazy moments, but you know, in a city thats deemed to be one of the world's largest, and busiest, it was kind of nice when we'd walk down streets and be the only visible people.

Meiji-jingu Shrine:

Oh hey, look who we ran into, "Big Jeff" as Preston would say. It always makes me happy when I meet up with family so many millions of miles away from home. 

 Senso-ji Temple:

Everyone loves Gwen!

National Gardens: