Tokyo Part 2

And some more pictures, because, well, why not? 

Takeshita Street:

Wearing out our little traveler:


Wearing them out but also trying to keep them happy. Swan paddle boat ride? Sure, why not:

The Imperial Palace...hidden in this picture, but it was there, and we saw it:

Mixing the imperial world with the modern one:

And again, just trying to keep the little ones happy. I'd like to think we succeeded, more or less:

Our gorgeous view of Tokyo from where we stayed. 

The famous Shibuya Crossing, the worlds busiest intersection:

Followed by the best ramen we've had out here. Oishi! 

And we ended the trip by walking to the temple:

I'm sure this was just our first of many trips to Tokyo.

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Joy Candrian said...

I love seeing these posts!