The kiddos

It's been almost a year since I last posted about life in Japan. One day I'll be kicking myself for not documenting this life of ours better. Thank goodness for instagram, but even that doesn't capture every moment of this life of ours, just bits and pieces here and there that I'd like public praising for. Isn't that the true purpose of social media these days? It seems that way. Which is rather pathetic. So, this here blog will now be updated, not for praising, but so I can look back and remember the small things, the cute things, the fun things, the exciting things, and all things kids that are worth remembering. Last night I asked John if he remembered something from when Preston was Gwen's age. He had no recollection of it. It made me sad.

So, here's a kiddo update, because really, they're all I mostly care about anyway.


Oh Preston, my sassy, spunky little man. He'll be four in three months, and that seems pure crazy to me. He's in preschool and LOVES going so much that he begs to go back the moment he gets home. Some days I wish I could send him right back, but really, he's my little sidekick, my best helper (when he wants to be), and actually makes my life easier when he's around...well, as far as entertaining his sister goes. They adore each other. The other day, he wasn't listening to a thing I said, so, naturally I got frustrated at him. I asked him why he obeys his teacher at school (who has told me countless times that he's awesome in class and one of the few students she doesn't have to worry about misbehaving) and not me. To which he said, "Because she's my teacher and you're my mom!" I almost burst out laughing, because what three year old says that? My sassy, spunky three year old, that's who! He likes to play all sorts of games. The other day he wanted to play like he was going to rescue us when we got hurt, so he said, "I'll be God!" John and I burst out laughing, but then he clarified and said, "Because he helps people." Right, ok, at least he's on the right track there. Whenever I ask him to clean up his toys, he somehow convinces Gwen to come over and do it for him. And then get's mad when I get mad that he's not doing it himself. If I give him a really nice long piece of rope, he'll be entertained for hours building booby traps. If he wants another show, or cookie, or whatever it is that he's wanting, he will always say, "Just one more, this is the last one, I promise!" I don't think he knows what the word promise really means. He gets one more of whatever it is he was wanting and then I hear the same thing on repeat. The other day John was giving a guy in our branch a blessing while I was upstairs putting Gwen to bed. Half way through the blessing John feels little hands on top of his, Preston had grabbed a stool and was standing next to John with his hands on the guys head. After the blessing the guy thanked Preston for helping, and Preston just nonchalantly said, "I was just using my powers!" He gets to give the prayer in primary on Sunday, and I'm crossing my fingers he's in a good mood that day, otherwise we may be in trouble. I'm always worried about how he's acting in school and at church, because I know how he can be for me at home, but I've been told numerous times that he's always "an angel!" so, at least I know he's good other places, which I prefer anyway I suppose. He really is the best. He's tenderhearted, and when he knows I'm upset he starts to cry because he hates me being mad...yet he makes me upset a lot, so, really it makes no sense. He's three. I guess that's why it makes sense. Oh how I love this boy. He likes to cuddle with me and hold my hand. He loves to give me kisses and can be my best bud. He makes me laugh, and makes me scream. But really, he's a good kid, and I'm proud to be his mom.


Oh sweet little sassy, Gwen. Everything she's learned, she's learned from her brother. My friend watched them for me today while I was at a doctor's appointment, and when she dropped them off for me she mentioned how she'd never seen Gwen so crazy before. Crazy is the name of the game over here half the time. I just looked at Preston, who was running around like a maniac, and said, she gets it from him. She seriously adores Preston. She usually wakes up before him in the morning and almost always asks for "Presty". She squeals with delight when she sees him, especially once he gets home from preschool and hasn't been around for a few hours. She wants to do everything he does, yet I think she's more daring than he is. She's been talking a ton lately, not like Preston was at her age, but enough that I can tell more often than not what she's saying. She knows a few phrases in Japanese, and speaks them like she's fluent when we're out in public. She loves to sing, and pretty much sings all day long. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and I Am a Child of God are two of her favorites. She screams when she has to go to nursery, which is so odd to me since Preston never cared to go. She's obsessed with her baby doll, and babies in general. She loves to kiss my belly all day long and say "hi baby!" She's going to be such a good big sister, and it makes me happy that these two will always have each other. Poor Preston has to endure another girl in the house. She loves to swing on things and has pretty impressive upper body strength. She grabs onto anything she can and just hangs there. It's her thing. I wish I could get her into gymnastics already. She loves to make us laugh, and she really is funny, without trying. But she also frustrates me like no other when we're eating and she throws all of her food on the ground. She has the biggest sweet tooth and will try to sneak into my baking stash and get out the chocolate chips and devour them as fast as possible. I'm pretty certain she would just eat treats if I let her. I'm also pretty certain she would potty train right now if I'd just make the time to do it. She tells me when she has to go and doesn't throw a fit when she's on the toilet, but alas, I've made no time for it. Maybe one of these days, before the babe comes. Cause that would be ideal timing and I'm sure make for no accidents. She's pretty great, and it makes me sad to think she won't be my baby anymore. I guess I always knew she'd be a middle child. The very first time I ever held her I instantly thought to myself, you poor middle child, but hopefully she rocks the middle child job she'll soon be promoted to. She loves to color and make messes. She's obsessed with books but has ruined more than I can count. And she likes to dress herself, with a little help of course. In some ways I feel like she's my big girl already, but I forget she's really just my little baby. And she really is little. It makes me both happy and sad to be adding to our family already. She tells me every morning she wants pigtails in her hair, but usually rips them out and then looks homeless the rest of the day. She has a nice little mullet going on and I have no idea how to really do girls hair. But she's still cute and everyone loves Gwen! She gets more attention than she probably cares to get. If she only knew, I'm sure she'd miss it one day. How I love this little girl of mine. She really is the best.


Jenna Lovell said...

I can relate to the "angel in public," part, what you said about Preston. It works out pretty well for the kid, I guess :)! I was laughing out loud about his hands joining in on the blessing! I'm sorry Gwen likes to destroy books. Yikes. Been there. Do either of your kids draw on the walls? These two are so beautiful. Thanks sooo much for giving us an update!

Joy Candrian said...

Yea for updates!

AJ Candrian said...

Love the updates. Keep em coming!

Lindsey said...

Luc is the opposite. He is better at home for me than he is for his primary and preschool teachers. 😬 Though some days he gives me a hard time too! Loved this update, keep em coming!!

Amy Lovell said...

Thankfully we've had minimal drawing, if any really, on the walls. I'm sure Gwen would if she had a crayon in her hand long enough unsupervised though. She has a knack for destroying things.