Me and my sis
I don't really talk about being pregnant all that often, in fact, I enjoyed keeping it a secret for the five months that I did...for the most part anyway. A few knew here and there, but for the most part, I never mentioned it. And I liked it that way.

I think I'm finally getting out of that totally awkward stage, the borderline stage of is she pregnant, or just getting fat? Going to the gym was especially awkward, I felt like I had to walk around touching my stomach, hand on back, for nothing more than the chubby pooch that didn't look pregnant at all, just chubby. I wanted people to believe I was pregnant, and not at the gym as a new years resolution to finally shed some pounds. Although, I'm never opposed to shedding some pounds, and if that's your new years resolution, good job! But working out and knowing you're not going to be losing weight is a hard thing to grasp when you're pregnant. The scale does nothing but go up, not down. I'm still trying to grasp that that's a good thing. When is gaining weight good?! Oh yeah, when you're pregnant. Awesome.

Last night I finally had a dream about being a mom and having a child. Usually I just dream about my poor little kitty who has yet to come home. Clearly I still have high hopes for his return. I kinda miss that little guy. But my dream, it seemed so real, so exciting, so great. And then I woke up. I surprised myself that I was actually sad the dream wasn't real, I guess I've finally reached the point of being really excited about having a baby. Only six months later.

Call me horrible, but feeling like crap for six months straight, the last thing I ever felt was excited. I still don't feel awesome, especially when I have to start unbuttoning my pants half way through the day, sometimes the zipper goes down too, and that's when the beyond uncomfortable feeling takes over. All I can think is, I'm not even big yet! Regardless, I'm starting to feel excited, so I'll take the uncomfortableness and all and run with it. Quite literally, and running with pressure down there...well, it's a little more difficult than I'm used to.

But his kicks, his punches, and all of the movement of his that I feel, it let's me know that it's all for a good cause, because he's coming whether I'm ready or not. But let's be frank here, I'm going to rock at being a mother! Ha

So, bring on the next three months of pregnancy, getting bigger, and being totally and completely over the top uncomfortable. I can only imagine the loads of fun it's going to be, especially when I remind myself that May is the prime time for tornadoes here in OK. I'm sure fun won't even begin to describe what that month has in store for us.


If a task has once begun...

This blanket is six years in the making, you know, long before I even knew what getting married was, or how miserable pregnancy would truly be. But six years ago, as a sophomore in college, I saw this pattern and knew someday a child of mine would have to have it.

Now, six years later, thanks to my dear mother's help, it’s finally finished and ready for use. I’d like to make you all believe that this blanket is just so intricate and detailed that it truly did take six years to make, but that’s only partly true for a less than perfect sewer like myself. 

Back in September when I went home to Utah for a few days, I took this blanket with me, plopped it on the kitchen table and declared to my mom that she had until May to complete it. Once she realized what I was actually saying, she gladly accepted the offer to finish my task for me. After all, she helped me start it, too, and quite frankly, she's probably done more on it than I have because I always got stumped. It's tricky I tell you! 

But now it's done and ready to be loved by a child of mine, and we still have four months to spare. Leave it to the busiest woman I know to be ahead of the game like that. 

Thanks, mom for helping me finally finish this blanket. Your grandson to be is going to LOVE it, or so we hope! 


Small and simple

Discovering an awesome bookstore just down the street Friday night. Hanging out with this hip old man during Zumba Saturday morning. The hubby sending me out to get a much needed pedicure and some relaxation Saturday afternoon. And using Saturday nights leftovers to make our own version of Cafe Rio salads for dinner Sunday night.

Yes, sometimes it's the small things that make for a great weekend!


Going out with a bang

Hanging out in San Francisco 
Our homely stockings/Jimmer time at the Kings game
Hello foggy city
I feel like we got the best of both worlds this year, Christmas in Sacramento and time spent with the in-laws, followed by New Years in sunny Coronado, at the beach, with perfect weather, and most of my family. Aside from starting the trip off with a nasty cold, I think this was the perfect way to end a fabulous year and begin the adventures of an even better one.

If only every Christmas vacation included two weeks in California, spent with both families, and time at the beach...

Beach time in January? Yes, please
Sea World

Feeding the birds, from our hands, no biggie 
Lesson learned: We belong in a beach town in California...and I say that as if we didn't already know this.