Honeymooning in the Pacific

John knows that Hawaii is one of my most favorite places to visit, next to San Francisco that is. So, for our honeymoon, he spoiled me and took me to both.
We kicked things off in San Francisco, spending a day playing in the city before we flew over the pacific to my favorite Polynesian islands.

Then, it was off to Maui where we played with dolphins, got up way too early to watch the sunrise, went scuba diving, laid out by the beach, boogie boarding, explored dangerous places, played checkers, and ate lots and lots of chocolate covered macadamia nuts:

Following Maui, we headed over to the island I once called home for a summer, Oahu.
It was good to be back.
We stayed on Laie Point...
Played at Sunset Beach...

Hiked to Maunawili Falls to go cliff jumping...
Visited the Laie Temple Visitor's Center and the Polynesian Cultural Center...
Paid respect to Pearl Harbor...

And dreaded the hour we had to turn and say goodbye...it was a good 11 days spent in paradise.
I think the playing is over for awhile now, it's time to be responsible, or something along those lines.
We'll see what adventure we can stumble upon in the near future.
Until then, real life, (and Oklahoma) here we come.

Wedding Day

We got married on July 10, 2010 in the Manti, Utah LDS Temple. It may have been a two hour drive for everyone, but I think it was well worth the two hour drive, so we could get married in that beautiful temple. I honestly couldn't have asked for a more perfect wedding day.

The temple: