A new beginning

John told me I couldn't start our new blog until we were actually married.
So, I tried to be good and obey, but I I may have gotten things set up and ready to go for when we tied the knot, hey I had no job, and nothing else to do. However, I at least held off on posting...kind of.

We got married July 10th, and although most people already know our story, I thought it only right to post how we met, to kick things off.

Our Story:

I worked as a Lab Assistant in the Open Access Computer Labs at BYU. During one of my shifts in the Widtsoe Building is where I first laid eyes on John. John always came into the lab to study, and his incredibly good looks, er I mean his charming style, peaked my interested. We never spoke, never made eye contact, and therefore we never became friends that semester, during all of those shifts. I secretly hoped he'd ask me out, instead, much to my dismay I sat and watched him flirt with another girl instead. So, John just remained the boy from the computer labs, who I admired from afar, in a non creepy way of course.
Two years later, my roommate (who happened to have met John in her home ward in Eugene where John's older bother lives) and I, were discussing his "single" nature, thanks to the insights from John's sister in-law. As a joke, and from encouragement from my roommate (thanks Lauren), I thought what the heck and decided to "add" John as a "friend" on Facebook, thinking it would be kind of funny to be "friends" with my lab crush from two year ago, who was now residing in Oklahoma City. What was really going to happen, right? Surprisingly enough, John accepted the request, and immediately following messages back and forth ensued. Messages turned into chats online (not online dating), chats turned into texts, and texts eventually led to phone calls. We both were headed to the big BYU/OU game in Dallas in September, so we thought it was only fitting for us to meet up in Dallas. Depending on how you look at it, we can either say we met at BYU or at the BYU football game, however you want to interpret it. Facebook just initiated the friendship. A month later we met up again during the October General Conference in Utah. And after two months of talking, we finally went on our first date, and, well, the rest remains history...
And so our story begins.