Joy's of a Monday

The funniest things are said to me at work.

Once, one of my bosses told me I needed a life and girl friends. It was when John was studying for the boards and my weekend plans consisted of cleaning my house. But yes, I still need a life and more girl friends, I'm fully aware of this, thank-you-very-much.

He frequently comments on my hair styles, well, only when I put it in a bun on top of my head. He thinks it's totally a Utah thing to do. I found online pictures of models to prove otherwise, but he's still not totally convinced. So yes, my 'dos' are always questioned.

I'm often told I eat too healthy and that I drink too much water. Although he says it's a good thing, it usually comes out sounding semi-critical. But I do live in Oklahoma, and the whole healthy living thing hasn't totally caught on just yet. Little does he know how big my sweet tooth really is, but that's neither here nor there.

And just today, as I'm sitting at my desk, he walks by and says, "banana bread, huh?" It's usually cereal in a baggie. I told him it' not just any banana bread, but homemade, by me. Again, he was shocked, and when I told him I'm a pretty domestic girl, he just said, "I find that hard to believe."

Staff meeting this morning consisted of talking about work and banana bread of course.

How I love coming into work sometimes.


DC, Part 3

Saturday was beach day. Can you think of a better way to spend your weekend than at the beach? I sure can't.

We discovered that neither me nor my sister have the best lung capacity. Thankfully the hubs pulled through for the both of us so we could enjoy the rest of the day doing this...

Yep, we pretty much need the beach in close proximity in our future.

These ducks may look cute, but one of them thought my toe was food and decided to take a bite. That's right, I have now been bitten by a duck. Five minutes later while soaking up some rays, he took a turn on the sister.

Just chilling on the beach on a Saturday afternoon:

I couldn't think of a better way to end our vacation than maybe it getting extended.

Wish granted!

Due to another storm that rolled through, I got to spend another night with just me and my sister. Just like old times, only this time we didn't get to share a bed.

John on the other hand had to get back in time for school, poor boy, and ended up getting one of the last seats out of BWI that night. He had his own adventure flying home, like not actually getting to our house until 2am, and having to be at school by 8 the next morning. What better way to welcome you back from vacation than to be thrown right back into the swing of things?

We are now just coming over post-vacation depression. Next trip up: Utah in a month!

DC, Part 3

Friday was a packed day with all sorts of adventures. I've decided this trip was just one adventure after the next, and I kind of loved it that way. After a run through the city, oh how I've missed those runs, it was off to do a little thrift shopping where I discovered just how cheap I really am becoming. Since when did spending $5 on a shirt seem expensive? H&M made up for my lack of shopping later. I can always justify spending more at a real store.
We dodged the thrift stores and headed into Georgetown to do a little kayaking in the Potomac. How have I never done that the entire time I lived in DC? I not so secretly longed to live back in DC again just so I could do that everyday. I loved it!

We stayed in the hotel on the far right of the picture. Perfect location? I think so.

After working up an appetite on the river, we decided we'd have appetizer before heading off to one of my favorite restaurants EVER! What better appetizer than cupcakes? I'm not sure. But this I do know,
Baked and Wired knocks Georgetown Cupcakes out of the water, and there's no line. It's really a win win here!

No trip to DC is complete without dinner at Panjshir. This place is to die for, and that's no exaggeration here, it really is that amazing. Their Kadu Palow is heaven in my mouth. And the staff knows who we are, which makes me like them even more. In fact, the owner reminded me that the last time I was there was with all of my roommates right before I moved to Oklahoma. Aside from their food being amazing, this is why I love that place.

I had been dying to eat at this restaurant since arriving in DC the week before. Finally, Friday night we decided tonight was the night to go treat our taste buds to something beyond delicious. Of course, the night we choose to go, there was a really bad thunderstorm that had rolled in while we were waiting for our food. We didn't think much of it, DC always has thunderstorms, no biggie, right? Wrong.

The next thing we know the power goes out and it's pitch black in the restaurant. Of course, of all nights we chose to go, this happens. I was kind of bummed, thinking I wasn't going to get the meal that I've been craving for over a year and a half now. But never fear, the people at Panjshir were amazing, and believe it or not, we still got our food, even if it all wasn't exactly what we ordered, it was food nonetheless.
We may have had to eat by candle light after that, but we all decided, in a joking sort of way, it just made our dinner that much more romantic.
Thanks for dinner sister, you're the best!


DC, Part 3

After our short visit to Pennsylvania, it was back down to DC to finish out our trip. We thought we were being oh so wise to rent a car in Baltimore to make getting back to the airport on Sunday easy, but little did we know that our two hour trip from Philly to DC was going to be far more of an adventure than either of us expected. I should clarify, getting to Baltimore (where the bus dropped us off) was fine, it was getting to BWI were the journey really began.

Normally this trip should take about two hours, give or take, but after the bus ride from Philly to Baltimore, we realized we weren't so wise after all. How were we supposed to get from the most northern part of Balitmore, to the southern part where BWI is? Yes, that part wasn't thought out, nor did it occur to us until just minutes before we got there that we didn't have a plan of action. Real smart on our part. And it was pouring rain.

Thank goodness back east is keen on their public transportation. I don't always love it, but I know it can always come to the rescue. We decided we'd take, yet another, bus from up north to down south. But not after witnessing a scene that would confirm this world is still prejudice. Good grief. I may or may not have stepped in to end the choice words that were clearly one sided here, afraid that these girls weren't going to drop what had just happened. You know I always seem to stick my noise into others business, but I think it paid off because it sent them on their merry little way.

 Evidence it was more than just a nasty cat fight.

Once we got on the bus, it was another good solid hour before we got to our next transfer point. Because of course one bus ride wouldn't be enough to get us to our final destination. No, we then had to transfer to the light rail, the train that was actually going to take us to the airport. Finally! But of course it doesn't end there though, because then we had to take yet ANOTHER bus to the car rental facility.

If you're thinking taking a cab would have been the obvious choice here, yes, yes it would have been, but neither of us wanted to fork over the $65 dollars for a 20 minute cab ride. It's called frugality people, and sometimes it comes back to bite you.

By the time we go in our rental car we were so ready to be back in our hotel room, but lest we forget, we're still in Baltimore here, and had a good 45 minute drive ahead of us to get there. What should have been two hours of traveling was a good five. Yes, five!  Awesome.

I think we had Wendy's for dinner that night around 10:30pm. We left Philly around 5:30pm.

As I like to say, the more miserable, the more memorable.


DC, Part 2

After spending a few days in the district, we headed up to Myerstown, Pennsylvania. Now, if you're wondering where Myerstown actually is, don't worry, I didn't know either. But I was pleasantly surprised to learn it's situated near some of Pennsylvania's finest cities, Hershey and the one and only Intercourse.

If you're ever questioning your maturity level, just take a drive through Intercourse, and I'm sure your true colors will shine. Ours sure did.

The purpose behind this trip was to visit John's brother's family who, just days before, moved into this small but quaint little place known as Myerstown. It was so great to visit more family on this trip, and to know that for the next 10 years, we'll have family on the east coast. I hope they don't get sick of us visiting, because I have a feeling that wasn't the last time they'll be seeing us out there.

Of course, we had to visit the infamous Intercourse, land of the Amish while we were there.

The petting zoo and pony rides for the kids...

And then we stuffed our faces with food from Good N' Plenty.
Stretchy pants not required, but highly recommended when eating here.

It was a short few days hanging out with the Lovells, but we had a blast. I feel so lucky knowing I married into such a great family. My in-laws rock, all of them!

And then it was back down to DC to finish out out trip, but not before I met up with an old college roommate and her new little addition. Thanks Steph for a fabulous afternoon in Philly, I just love you!

Special Delivery Revealed

Last week I posted about our special delivery that we got just minutes before we left for our trip back east. Seeing that our garage is now full of boxes and boxes and boxes, and we have far too many goods than we know what to do with, I figured, what the hey, why not make a fun guessing game out of it and give one away to a lucky reader (because I have so many, readers that is, not toothbrushes, although I guess I have lots of those now, too). Clearly we have plenty to go around.

So, what's actually in our boxes you might be asking, and how many do we actually have?

Well, my husband is a soon-to-be dentist, so it only makes sense that our garage is now full of toothbrushes. That's right, toothbrushes. But not just any kind of toothbrushes, these are the nice kind, the kind your dentist tells you to get, but then you learn they can be hundreds of dollars you decide against it. Because whose really going to spend that kind of money on a toothbrush when you can use that money to buy clothes, or shoes, or other exciting non-essential things? Rich people. That's who. Which I am not.

Here she is in all her glory, the Oral-B 1000 series toothbrush. I haven't actually used it, but my husband has and he seems to think it's pretty shnazy.

I lied, it's actually the 1000 series, not the 3000 like I said earlier. But it's still nice, promise!
And how many of these succors do we actually have? Ahem, 990, ahem, yes you read that correctly. Don't ask. Just know that if you are in need of a fancy toothbrush to keep those pearly whites good and healthy, and you have something equally cool that you're dying to get rid of, we might be able to work something out. Our friends traded toothbrushes for a non-working dirt bike. Now, I don't really want that, but I'm just saying, we can always work something out.

It looks like Ruth's guess was the most right on, she guessed 289 boxes. Congrats, Ruth! Email me your address at amycandrian@gmail.com and your toothbrush will be on it's way.

I had to laugh at some of the guesses you guys made. 1000 dollar store pregnancy tests. Could you imagine? Ha!

Don't forget to brush...and floss!


DC, Part 1

Thanks to a crazy rainstorm on Sunday afternoon, my trip back east was extended a day. The whole drive to the airport I may or may not have been wishing for an extended vacation. Wish granted, at least for me. John had to get back for school and there was only one seat left, ask me if I was sad about this?  It just meant I got to have a sleep over with just me and my sister. Just like old times, only better!

Here's a little peak at what the first half of our trip looked like:
Visited the DC temple.
Thanks sister for letting me borrow your clothes when my bags got lost.

 Got caught it lot's of good rain storms
 Side note: Our hair is wet, not greasy, just thought I should make that clear.

 A capital tour by the one and only...

she even let us sneak into the capital press room,
sign of a great tour guide!

Expressing our true feelings for where we live

 Devoured an amazing meal.
Good Stuff Eatery, need I say more?

The first few nights were spent hanging out at our favorite spot...

Oh, I miss it already!

 Breaking and entering,
Sometimes my ideas aren't always the best,
and we'll leave it at that.

 Mock bike ride through the city

Paid our respect at Arlington Cemetery

I don't feel like you can be a true tourist until you ride the metro,
So, I made sure we experience the joy that is public transportation. 
 And the first half of our trip ended with food and ice cream in Old Town.

The first half of our trip was fabulous, and it only got better after that.

P.S. I'll announce the winner of the giveaway tomorrow, stay tuned!


So long sweet summer

I remember after we booked out tickets to come back east for our summer vacation we both wondered, will 10 days be too long of a trip? 

We may have been slightly worried that we would be overstaying our welcome back here visiting family and friends, but I can assure you, had we added on 10 more days to this trip, I still don't think it would have been long enough, and that we'd be ready to go back to our life in the mid-west. 

I didn't cry when I left the east coast to move to Oklahoma, but I may cry today as we leave, knowing what I'm going back to. Jokes, it's not that bad, but I rather stay here any day of the week.

So long east coast, we'll be back soon! 

Head over here to check out day 4, 5, 6, and 7 of the 21 day challenge. 


Special Delivery

The morning we left for our adventured back east I looked out the window to see a huge semi parked in front of our house. You know, the big semi's that freak you out every time they pass you on the freeway. The kind that think they rule the road. Yes, one was parked right out front of our house, and all I could think was, oh great! Oh great because I knew what it meant.

It meant we got a special delivery, one that delivered us all of these:

Two huge crates full of boxes and boxes of...

Take a wild guess at whats inside those boxes AND the total amount of items, meaning there could be more than one thing in each box, (unless you already know, then it's not fair), and perhaps we'll send the three people with the most correct answer one for free. Special delivery for us, special delivery for you. It's really a win win here.

Giveaway ends at midnight CST on Sunday, August 21.

Challenge Day 3

Check out my look here.

On a completely different note, we're still on vacation and we've both decided we're really enjoying being where we are. We may never return to our "real" lives.


21 Day Challenge

21 Day Challenge

I'm participating in this over the next 21 days. So, while this blog remains dormant for the next few days, head over here to see what I'm doing.

Update: If the link isn't working, it's yesitsnatural.blogspot.com



We're off on a little adventure, a much needed adventure that's taking us away from normal life for a few days. Thank goodness for vacations. They alway seem to come at just the right time. And right now we could really use a few days away in a place that's far from here. No offense Oklahoma, but we really need a break.


Why I love my husband, part 1

Thankfully, before the big day of becoming John's forever, I was warned of a particular behavior of his. Behavior I wasn't entirely looking forward to, but behavior I knew I could handle.

The first outbreak of said behavior surfaced just a few days after we got back from our honeymoon. The night it happened, I just had to laugh after I realized what was going on. Like I said, thankfully, I had been warned, so it didn't come as too big of a shock to me.

And then it happened again, just a few nights later while we were staying at my parents house. That night, it freaked me out a little, and the best part was, he lied about it to save himself from embarrassment.

And then it happened again.

And again.

And again...

Sometimes it's a bit more extreme than others. Sometimes it's more real. Sometimes more funny. And sometimes, it's just plain annoying when I'm tired and trying to sleep.

But usually, it's just plain funny

Take last night for example, I slept terrible the night before, and thankfully last night, I was out cold. That is, until 12:45am rolled around, and out of nowhere John ripped the comforter off of us, began semi-freaking out, and frantically brushing something off of him and the bed. He then flipped on the lights, and stared at me with wide eyes. I stared back, eyes just as wide, wondering what in the world is going on.

It's usually at this point he knows what he's doing. He knows whatever he saw wasn't real and was all in his imagination. Usually, that is. And then we'll have a good laugh about it and fall back to sleep. But not before I make another joke that the boogieman, the bats, the bees, or the spiders are going to get him again. Like I said, it's usually all pretty humorous, even if it is 12:45am and I'm dead tired and half asleep.

But last night, even when John came to, he was still convinced that there were spiders ALL over our room. He pulled the dust ruffle up, looked under the bed, and then he just stared at me and said, "I know there are spiders in here, they were all over, where did they go?" and proceeded to look under the bed, just one more time, to find those nasty little critters.

He seemed so dumbfounded by it all, "but they were so real" is all he kept saying as I drifted back to sleep.

Much to his dismay, no spiders were found during last nights antic.


How to make your husband jealous

It's been awhile since I've been hit on. That's what getting married does to you I suppose. Most people see a ring on the finger and look the other way. At least that's what I'd assume people do when they see a girls married. But I guess, married or not, some people have no shame.

Take last night for example. Lately our nights have been spent at the driving range, with John trying to perfect his swing. He's trying to keep the statement, all dentists golf, factual I suppose. I tag along for the fun of it, hit a few balls and call it good. Last night I may have been a little overly dressed for the golf course, but we needed to take pictures for something I'm going to be doing, and I figured I was making up for embarrassing him the day before showing up in running clothes, not a polo. Gasp, the horror of not dressing according to golfer standards. Golf course are clearly more classy than that.

To my defense, I ran home from the golf course that night. And just for the record, I felt more comfortable being there in workout clothes rather than a dress.

Last night as I sat watching John, I overheard one of the employees, who happens to be deaf, talking to the people a few feet down from us. He then made his way towards us, as he finished picking up the empty baskets that were lying around. I smiled, handed him our basket, and he drove away. After he left, I made some snide remark about him thinking I was pretty darn cute with the way he was looking at me.

And wouldn't you know it, not five minutes later, he drives back over in his golf cart to where I'm sitting, mind you, it was pretty apparently I was there with John, and says to me, "Excuse me, excuse me, we have a problem here..." I instantly thought, shoot, maybe there really is a dress code here? Maybe I'm not supposed to be sitting on the grass? Do I need to put my shoes back on? But then he finished with saying, "I'm going to have to call the fire department, because you're way too hot for this golf course."

I burst out laughing, said thank you, and he drove off.

John wasn't too appeased by this, but I was soaking it in. As we left, I smiled, waved, got an eye roll from John, and told him I couldn't wait to come back tomorrow night. But this time, I'll leave this dress at home...

Apparently this is the look that swoons men on the golf course. Noted. 


What an unexpected rainstorm*

John's out of school for the next three weeks and to say having to go to work, while he stays home has been easy, would be a big fat lie. So, clearly Monday and Tuesday sucked! 

But today, I may have had a change of heart, and I'm highly considering the whole I-go-to-work-while-he-stays-home-and-takes-care-of-things-around-the-house, gig. 

Point in case, I came home from work/gym to this:

A bathroom that's in shambles, and two boys hard at work:

I may have left a laundry list of things that "would be nice if they got done" over the break. 

You know, fix the TV cable that's coming into our house through the front door, and we look totally ghetto because our door doesn't totally close right anymore. 


And, fix the pipes so our shower can finally have cold water and we can stop standing in burning hot water, or, better yet, a mere trickle of water just so we don't burn ourselves. And did I mention the knobs fall off every.time.I.shower! Our shower may or may not have been acting like this for a good eight or nine months now. But whose counting, or paying attention for that matter? 


Yeah, living in an old home isn't always fun, it's more games than anything. Figuring out what works. What doesn't. What we can purposely ignore just so we don't have to fix, yet another, problem that's going to cost us a fortune. 

I love our 1925 house, but it definitely comes with some major maintenance that neither one of us were entirely expecting. Der! But would I live in an old house again. Absolutely! I might even prefer them actually.

It's only three days into this "summer break" of John's, and overdue thing are finally getting done around this place. I'm starting to wish more three week breaks occurred during dental school. Like I said, I'm highly considering the whole I go to work while he plays housewifehusband.

So, while they're busy at work and getting things done around here, and I can't shower because it's still a mess back there, I'll continue to chill in my workout clothes, eating homemade caramel ice cream, (because that's what you eat after a good workout), and wishing that overdue rainstorm would have lasted just a little bit longer.

*Quoted from one of the worst yet awesomest movie ever made. Do you know it?