DC, Part 3

Friday was a packed day with all sorts of adventures. I've decided this trip was just one adventure after the next, and I kind of loved it that way. After a run through the city, oh how I've missed those runs, it was off to do a little thrift shopping where I discovered just how cheap I really am becoming. Since when did spending $5 on a shirt seem expensive? H&M made up for my lack of shopping later. I can always justify spending more at a real store.
We dodged the thrift stores and headed into Georgetown to do a little kayaking in the Potomac. How have I never done that the entire time I lived in DC? I not so secretly longed to live back in DC again just so I could do that everyday. I loved it!

We stayed in the hotel on the far right of the picture. Perfect location? I think so.

After working up an appetite on the river, we decided we'd have appetizer before heading off to one of my favorite restaurants EVER! What better appetizer than cupcakes? I'm not sure. But this I do know,
Baked and Wired knocks Georgetown Cupcakes out of the water, and there's no line. It's really a win win here!

No trip to DC is complete without dinner at Panjshir. This place is to die for, and that's no exaggeration here, it really is that amazing. Their Kadu Palow is heaven in my mouth. And the staff knows who we are, which makes me like them even more. In fact, the owner reminded me that the last time I was there was with all of my roommates right before I moved to Oklahoma. Aside from their food being amazing, this is why I love that place.

I had been dying to eat at this restaurant since arriving in DC the week before. Finally, Friday night we decided tonight was the night to go treat our taste buds to something beyond delicious. Of course, the night we choose to go, there was a really bad thunderstorm that had rolled in while we were waiting for our food. We didn't think much of it, DC always has thunderstorms, no biggie, right? Wrong.

The next thing we know the power goes out and it's pitch black in the restaurant. Of course, of all nights we chose to go, this happens. I was kind of bummed, thinking I wasn't going to get the meal that I've been craving for over a year and a half now. But never fear, the people at Panjshir were amazing, and believe it or not, we still got our food, even if it all wasn't exactly what we ordered, it was food nonetheless.
We may have had to eat by candle light after that, but we all decided, in a joking sort of way, it just made our dinner that much more romantic.
Thanks for dinner sister, you're the best!


Brittany said...

My mouth is watering looking at those cupcakes and reading about Panjshir. Oh how I miss that place.

You should come out the weekend we will be there (Dad's bday) and we can eat there again and convince the owner to share the recipe for kadu palow.

Joy said...

Love the photos and reading about your trip.

Cynthia Lovell said...

Somehow I missed this post. It's Great! Looks like so much fun kayaking down the Potomac! The food looks delicious also--we Loved what we had while we were with you!!! Great Fun!