DC, Part 3

After our short visit to Pennsylvania, it was back down to DC to finish out our trip. We thought we were being oh so wise to rent a car in Baltimore to make getting back to the airport on Sunday easy, but little did we know that our two hour trip from Philly to DC was going to be far more of an adventure than either of us expected. I should clarify, getting to Baltimore (where the bus dropped us off) was fine, it was getting to BWI were the journey really began.

Normally this trip should take about two hours, give or take, but after the bus ride from Philly to Baltimore, we realized we weren't so wise after all. How were we supposed to get from the most northern part of Balitmore, to the southern part where BWI is? Yes, that part wasn't thought out, nor did it occur to us until just minutes before we got there that we didn't have a plan of action. Real smart on our part. And it was pouring rain.

Thank goodness back east is keen on their public transportation. I don't always love it, but I know it can always come to the rescue. We decided we'd take, yet another, bus from up north to down south. But not after witnessing a scene that would confirm this world is still prejudice. Good grief. I may or may not have stepped in to end the choice words that were clearly one sided here, afraid that these girls weren't going to drop what had just happened. You know I always seem to stick my noise into others business, but I think it paid off because it sent them on their merry little way.

 Evidence it was more than just a nasty cat fight.

Once we got on the bus, it was another good solid hour before we got to our next transfer point. Because of course one bus ride wouldn't be enough to get us to our final destination. No, we then had to transfer to the light rail, the train that was actually going to take us to the airport. Finally! But of course it doesn't end there though, because then we had to take yet ANOTHER bus to the car rental facility.

If you're thinking taking a cab would have been the obvious choice here, yes, yes it would have been, but neither of us wanted to fork over the $65 dollars for a 20 minute cab ride. It's called frugality people, and sometimes it comes back to bite you.

By the time we go in our rental car we were so ready to be back in our hotel room, but lest we forget, we're still in Baltimore here, and had a good 45 minute drive ahead of us to get there. What should have been two hours of traveling was a good five. Yes, five!  Awesome.

I think we had Wendy's for dinner that night around 10:30pm. We left Philly around 5:30pm.

As I like to say, the more miserable, the more memorable.


Cynthia Lovell said...

ha ha ha ha It makes for Great storytelling through the years! Remember the time............... We've had a few of those and they're what makes life really exciting, fun, memorable, etc. etc. etc.

Cynthia Lovell said...

Actually I'd like to hear More about the fight and Your roll in it!!!