Whenever I tell people that John and I have the same birthday, people typically think it's cool for all of 2 seconds before they start feeling bad that we have to share our day. It's bizarre to me why people would feel bad about this. I mean, I guess I get it, but still, sharing your birthday with your husband is awesome, not terrible. It's like a double holiday for us, and we both get to feel "important" for 24 hours together. I kind of love it. And it's kind of awesome.

I know of one other couple that share a birthday, it's a rarity, and it makes me feel like we're in some exclusive club that's tricky to get into. Kind of awesome if you ask me.

So, here's to another birthday spent together. And to all of you feeling bad for us because we have to share our day today, don't, because like I said, it's pretty much the best thing ever! How about I feel bad for all of you instead!

We've actually contemplated having all of our children born on September 30th, too. We'll let you know how that goes...


Sesame Street

Not that I have children, nor do I know the last time I watched Sesame Street, but watching this video makes me feel like I should sit down and watch an episode or two...

...and then actually work harder to reach for my dreams. Although, eight years of med school+residency sounds a little daunting at the moment. But still, nothing should stand in our way of reaching for the things we want in life. This video is kind of inspiring to me. Leave it to Elmo!



So, this little guy ran away again, but this time we weren't on vacation for 10 days straight leaving him all alone. We were only gone for two hours helping our neighbors move. I always thought you were supposed to get blessed for doing service, instead just the opposite of a blessing, because I don't consider our cat running away a blessing in the slightest. We'll see if I do service again.

Now I just sound like a weird cat lady. But truth be told, Tobias has become my little buddy, that cat is dang hilarious, so, it's kind of lonely without him around. I'm just hoping it won't take us five years to find our cat who now happens to be on the other side of the country. Although, hopefully in five years we'll be on the other side of the country, too, so maybe it wouldn't be so bad. But I'd kind of like him back before then, you know?

Oh, and did I mention our neighbor's cat has gone missing, too? Bizarre.


Why driving into work is awesome

Because you can take naps in your car during lunch.
A girls got to do what a girls got to do to make it through the day. 
How has this idea never crossed my mind before? It's pure genius.


A Class Act

Hoarder stealing the goods
Once a month we have big trash pick up day. Anything you're looking to get rid of can be placed on your curb and will be picked up and disposed of...that is, unless the hoarders get to it first.

Tonight our neighbors set out, an old door, metal shoe racks, a non-working water heater, an old lawn mower, plastic chairs, and a few other randoms, on the curb to be disposed of. Not 20 minutes later, the hoarder had already picked it up, thrown it in the back of his truck, and was on his merry little way to go find more prized possessions.

I had to snap a picture on my phone while I was sitting on our porch reading. Things like this need to be documented, you know?

And what do they do with all of this trash they collect? Why sell it of course, out of the junkiest stores you will ever see. It's like a junk yard turned retail store, and it's the most bizarre thing I have ever seen. 

We keep it classy here in Oklahoma, real classy...

Update: I don't dis the "hoarding" when people are taking things they actually want, only when people take whatever is sitting on the side of the road, to then go sell in their trash shops, that's when I dis! 


Austin Weekend

We headed down south to the BYU/Texas game this weekend. It was basically a perfect few days, minus the nasty hotel, heat, and one point loss. Oh BYU, what happened to you during the second half?

I suppose seeing and kind of talking to Jimmer Fredette made up for it though. If you count saying, "can you guys move a little to the right" talking to Jimmer Fredette. I'm married and he's engaged, so we left it at that.

Thanks to my BIL for getting us tickets to the game, and then letting us intrude on his weekend with his buddies, we had a blast!


Labor daying at the lake


The weather has been amazing the last few days, but according to the weather channel, it's all been deceiving. Fall really isn't here just yet. We'll be back to 98 by Tuesday. Awesome! And just when I was starting to like Oklahoma...

We've semi-taken advantage of the gorgeous weather we've been having and semi-been lazy by doing nothing but sitting on our bums all the day long. It's been great. Monday morning we decided a picnic was in order, so we packed up a lunch and headed out to what felt like another planet. If it wasn't apparent enough from the lack of rain and excessive heat we've been having that OK is majorly in a drought, let the nearly dried up lake speak for itself.

That stuff is trickier to walk on than you'd think.


Avoiding the heat

I left the house once today, that's right once! Today was the first Saturday, in a long long while, or maybe ever, that I didn't really leave my house. And let me tell you, it's been really nice.

Today was also the last day the temperature will be in the 100+, hopefully until next year anyway. I unintentionally did a fabulous job at avoiding that nastiness.

We sat around most of the day waiting for the Dish Network guy to show up, and that basically sums up our day. Followed by watching lots of football. Way to take the win Cougs!

While we waited to enter the 21st century, I kept myself busy turning these:

 into these:

And because sometimes you just need chocolate cake on a Saturday, I made this:

Clearly our day has been productive.

P.S. Tomorrow is the last day of the 21 challenge, have you been following?