Avoiding the heat

I left the house once today, that's right once! Today was the first Saturday, in a long long while, or maybe ever, that I didn't really leave my house. And let me tell you, it's been really nice.

Today was also the last day the temperature will be in the 100+, hopefully until next year anyway. I unintentionally did a fabulous job at avoiding that nastiness.

We sat around most of the day waiting for the Dish Network guy to show up, and that basically sums up our day. Followed by watching lots of football. Way to take the win Cougs!

While we waited to enter the 21st century, I kept myself busy turning these:

 into these:

And because sometimes you just need chocolate cake on a Saturday, I made this:

Clearly our day has been productive.

P.S. Tomorrow is the last day of the 21 challenge, have you been following?


Cynthia Lovell said...

Very Clever!! Way to beat the heat! The cake looks delicious too!

Nick & Dana said...

those are such cute pillows!! i was looking at a blog just the other day to redo some of our couch pillows, maybe you can give me some of your tips :) and the chocolate cake looks so good as well!

AJ Candrian said...

Erin and I attempted to make throw pillows once. Yours are cuter. But ours were made out of boat fabric.

Rob and Kat said...

hey amy!! i just found your blog randomly. :) i THINK i had health classes with you at BYU? im blanking right now since i've moved around so much, but i do know we were friends. :) im glad to see that you've taken on my maiden name, although i don't think im related to your husband. anyways, just wanted to say hi and im glad that it looks like you're doing well! also your chocolate cake looks good. :) -katharine (lovell) buhler. ... and it just occured to me that you may have never known me as katharine lovell if we're friends from health. but yes, that's my maiden.

Kristin said...

Ok seriously!!!!! You are clearly out of control!!!!! LOVE the pillows. I've been wanting to cover mine forever!