Two weeks to go...

I love having a husband who, no matter how crazy or weird my desires may be, appeases me anyway and goes along with my crazy requests. Like this afternoon when I told him, "I think we should go out and take a few pictures of this big ol' belly of mine, you know, so one day I can show our little dude what I looked like just before he came into our lives." To which he kindly says, "Ok, you lead the way."

And then we, er I, proceed to make a fool of myself, posing where ever I saw fit for a picture, and he just, sweet as ever, continues to go along with it. I'm sure all of the cars driving by us had a good laugh at how silly we must have looked. I know I was laughing. 

Not only do I ask my neighbors for their coupons, I ask to utilize their props, too, like that swing hanging from this beautiful tree a few streets down. I know we live in an old neighborhood, but the charm found around this place is something I'm really going to miss when we pack up our lives and move to who knows where next year. 


99.9% complete

When I first found out I was pregnant...that is, after I got over the initial shock, and then months and months later when I wasn't feeling sick anymore, ok, so I guess I should say, months and months after finding out I was pregnant, I started to imagine how I wanted our little man's room to look. All things nautical of course. That was a real tough decision!

Granted we only have a two bedroom house, one room is ours, the other is for our guest, because, you know, we get so many of those here in Oklahoma. I tried to think up how I was going to create a nursery and a guest room all in one. But let's get real here, this guest room just became John and my second bedroom, I have a hard time imaging our guest will want to share a room with a crying baby. They can have our real room when they come.

My goal was to have this room done months ago. In fact, before I even started looking into carseats, strollers, cribs, etc. etc. etc. all I thought about was the room. I wanted to have it done long before he got here so it wouldn't stress me out by waiting until the last second.

Of course, just this past week, I finally got it finished, or, at least near finished enough that if he came today, it would be ready. There are a few more things I need to do, but nothing big. I'm pretty sure he could carless that the picture frames on the wall aren't all filled yet. Ones waiting for his arrival anyway, I can't really put his picture in there until he's here, you know? And the crib needs a little babe to fill it, so I guess it won't truly be finished until sometime next month, but it's 99.9% complete for now, now we just need our little man to finish it off.

We're ready when you are little guy!


Put Jimmer In

Since our days of being just us two is drawing to an end, I figured, why not splurge and get us awesome free tickets to watch the Kings play the Thunder here in OKC. We may not have lots of money, but we sure like to pretend we do.

Hello, we even made it on T.V.! In fact, I'm almost positive that whenever the ball was on our end, we were visible for all to see. Hopefully we didn't do anything too stupid.

I feel pretty proud of myself for keeping a secret from John for so long. Every time he talked about getting tickets to see the Kings play the Thunder, I kept telling him to hold off, you know, because at almost 38 weeks pregnant, I didn't know if I'd be up for a basketball game. And he totally bought that excuse.


Of course I'd be up for a game, I just didn't want him to go out and do anything stupid like actually pay for tickets, tickets that would be in the nosebleed section nonetheless. No way, if we're going to a game, we're going in style! So, when Tuesday rolled around, and I was put me in charge of finding tickets, I gladly accepted the task.  

Done and done!

Little did he know I had already talked to my boss, who I overheard offering tickets to some of the guys at work, and asked if there was anyway he could score some for us for the Kings game. I mean, who really wants to watch the Kings play besides Kings fans? Maybe one year they'll be good, but that won't be this year, and sadly, after this year they probably won't be the Kings anymore anyway. 

On our way home from school/work I whipped out the tickets and asked John if he thought these  seats would be good enough? And let's just say, I've never seen him shower, get dressed, and be out the door, faster than at that moment. 

I don't know if the best part of the game was the food and feeling like we were quite the VIP's, John having perma-grin the entire game, or hearing the players conversations/trash taking each other while they played. But this I do know, sitting court side makes for a whole different experience. Games may never be the same after this.

Win or lose, we had a blast. And really, we're kind of in favor of both teams anyway, so it was a win win all around. 

Hopefully this secures me the title of "Best Wife Ever!" for a little while. Sometimes it pays to know people who know people.



On Friday morning there was an email in my inbox from my dad telling me he'd be at the airport in Oklahoma City, the very next day, at 1:13pm to be exact. What?! Thanks to Delta, and a weekend special from SLC to OKC, airfare was pretty cheap, and my dear old dad decided he was missing his baby girl and wanted to come for a visit. Yes, please!

Is there anything better than spending a weekend with family? Absolutely not. I love that my dad came out to visit (we missed you mom), it was SO nice having him here and spending time with just me. Soon, he'll be visiting for other reasons, namely a grandson, but not this time. This time I knew he was here because he actually wanted to see ME, and I only had to share him with John, which I was ok with.

We headed up to Lake Hefner right after he got here for a bike ride around the lake, a 9.1 mile bike ride. I didn't realize until afterwards how funny a pregnant lady looks on a bike. Good grief, I'm becoming quite the heifer these days, but I'm trying to embrace it, really I am.

We both played hookie from work today and spent the day together, just me and my dad, going out to lunch, visiting OU's campus, and of course, getting a few more essentials for the little one.

I don't even know how to express how much I love that man, because I pretty much adore him more than anything, and how much it meant to me that he wanted to come spend the weekend hanging out in Oklahoma of all places. I've always had a special bond with my dad, I think it comes from being his baby girl, and no matter how old I get, and even knowing I'm about to have a child of my own, he will always call me his baby girl, and nothing will ever change that!



Last weekend, in the midst of crazy winds, the down pour of rain, and being under tornado watch, some of my dear friends threw me the best baby shower a girl could ask for. I may have mentioned that I have a slight obsession with all things nautical related, and let's just say they went overboard with that idea. No pun intended. 

It was far more than I ever would have expected and I came home feeling the OK love. Perhaps I'm going to miss this place after all? Well, let's not get too carried away with that idea just yet.

From the table cloth, to the cupcakes (I so want another one right now), to the party favors, these girls covered all of their bases, and I couldn't have asked for a better baby shower to help welcome this little guy into the world. Three weeks and counting, the end is really in sight!


Online hangout

When all of your friends are spread all over the country, what better way to hang out in this day and age than online, right?!

Sunday night my dear friend Steph threw me and a friend a "virtual" baby shower, and thanks to Google+ all nine of us got to hangout online for two hours just chatting and laughing like it was no big deal! But really, it was a big deal, because seeing these girls is always a big deal, but more importantly, seeing these girls, spread from Oregon to Washington, D.C. all at one time, online nonetheless, is totally a big deal!

This e-party was legit, too. Steph had us answering questions, all things pregnancy related, like:
  • On average, how many times do I have to get up to go to the bathroom...two, in case you were all wondering.
  • What's my most embarrassing pregnancy moment thus far...I said having my picture taken at the gym, but then I remembered that just the other night I thought I would be all cool and climb up the slide at the playground, only to forget my balance isn't quite perfected at the moment and I literally went tumbling over the side...and I was almost to the top, and it wasn't a small slide. I'm pretty sure John thought I killed our child at that moment since he was to me in .1 second. I just laughed, and then almost started crying because it freaked me out. Note to self; I'm not a kid, I have a big belly, don't climb up slides!
  • All natural, or epidural...I'm undecided at the moment, mostly I'm just hoping my body cooperates and actually goes into labor. Family history isn't so great in that area. 
  • What am I most excited for...being a milk machine! Kidding of course, what I'm really most excited about is the fact that I get to be HIS mom. No one else, just me, and that's kind of awesome! 
Those were just a few of the questions she asked, and then Steph read to us letters our hubbies had written to our child. Wow, sweetest thing ever! I can't wait until our son is old enough to read him that letter. He's a lucky little dude to have such an awesome dad. 

It's so nice having such great friends, who, even when you don't live close to them at all, make the effort to make you feel so loved. So, this online/virtual/e-party/baby shower and all, it was a success, and it was awesome!

Seriously, thank goodness for the greatness that is technology. and picking up with friends right where you left off. I'm convinced Google+ is the next best thing our online world has ever seen. At least as far as communication goes. 

I'm petitioning for more online hangouts in the near future! 



What better way to spend a Friday the 13th weekend (ironic, no?), than with tornadoes, and heavy hail expected to come our way? I mean, it's not like we just redid our ENTIRE front yard last week, where a pretty penny was spent. Is it sad that that's the ONLY thing I'm actually worried about?

Let's just get these tornadoes out of the way now, so I can rest more peacefully next month when the babe comes. K, thanks!



We have the elder's over pretty regularly at our house for dinner. Not so much because we're nice, but more so because we always have awesome elders in our ward and having them over is pure entertainment. I figured since last years Easter dinner we had a bunch of friends over, and that group has since doubled in size with all of the babies that have come along, we'd invite the elder's over instead. I needed to justify cooking a big dinner, you know, and who better to feed than the missionaries?

After an already insanely busy weekend, John and I somehow managed to throw together a dinner for a larger than expected crowd. And I'd like to think, short notice and all, we put together quite the feast for the six elders that showed up Sunday night. I'd post a picture of said feast for you all to drool over, but the dessert pictures turned out far more drool worthy than the picture of the actual meal.

And of course, Easter isn't complete without an Easter egg hunt, so after dinner we sent the boys out back, in our jungle nonetheless, to hunt for the goods. Pushing, shoving, bricks in sacks, these boys pulled out all the stops to try to score the most eggs. Like I said, usually when we have the elder's over it's pure entertainment, and this dinner proved to be no different.