Put Jimmer In

Since our days of being just us two is drawing to an end, I figured, why not splurge and get us awesome free tickets to watch the Kings play the Thunder here in OKC. We may not have lots of money, but we sure like to pretend we do.

Hello, we even made it on T.V.! In fact, I'm almost positive that whenever the ball was on our end, we were visible for all to see. Hopefully we didn't do anything too stupid.

I feel pretty proud of myself for keeping a secret from John for so long. Every time he talked about getting tickets to see the Kings play the Thunder, I kept telling him to hold off, you know, because at almost 38 weeks pregnant, I didn't know if I'd be up for a basketball game. And he totally bought that excuse.


Of course I'd be up for a game, I just didn't want him to go out and do anything stupid like actually pay for tickets, tickets that would be in the nosebleed section nonetheless. No way, if we're going to a game, we're going in style! So, when Tuesday rolled around, and I was put me in charge of finding tickets, I gladly accepted the task.  

Done and done!

Little did he know I had already talked to my boss, who I overheard offering tickets to some of the guys at work, and asked if there was anyway he could score some for us for the Kings game. I mean, who really wants to watch the Kings play besides Kings fans? Maybe one year they'll be good, but that won't be this year, and sadly, after this year they probably won't be the Kings anymore anyway. 

On our way home from school/work I whipped out the tickets and asked John if he thought these  seats would be good enough? And let's just say, I've never seen him shower, get dressed, and be out the door, faster than at that moment. 

I don't know if the best part of the game was the food and feeling like we were quite the VIP's, John having perma-grin the entire game, or hearing the players conversations/trash taking each other while they played. But this I do know, sitting court side makes for a whole different experience. Games may never be the same after this.

Win or lose, we had a blast. And really, we're kind of in favor of both teams anyway, so it was a win win all around. 

Hopefully this secures me the title of "Best Wife Ever!" for a little while. Sometimes it pays to know people who know people.


Tricia said...

That is a great post! I laughed at his response to your tickets. Glad you had fun!

JazznJenna said...

You are so right--get in as many fun dates as you can while you have the chance!!! I'm glad you got to go, what a great evening for you. (That cake--I want some...).

Lindsay said...

My favorite part seeing you guys on TV was watching Amy eating. It was awesome and whatever you were eating I am sure it tasted great!!!
What a fun, fun date!

Lovell Family said...

Awesome!! I'm not sure I could keep that secret....way to go! John is a lucky man.

Lauren Kay said...

someday i'll get on the screen... looks like so much fun!

Monica said...

What a blast! I have to say, that red velvet cake would've made me pay to get in. Your boss is awesome.

Colie said...

No big kiss on the big screen?! I always love when they do that thing at games. Catches some people for a surprise big time!
And yes, you do get the best wife ever award. Dang, you're stacking up those awards: best wife ever, cutest pregnant lady ever, best friend ever. :)

Sommer and Eric said...

So I enjoy reading your blog and I am excited to see your little man when he decides to come into the world. Also, just know that while you were courtside watching Jimmer... I was giving birth! :) ha ha