Why I love my husband, part 1

Thankfully, before the big day of becoming John's forever, I was warned of a particular behavior of his. Behavior I wasn't entirely looking forward to, but behavior I knew I could handle.

The first outbreak of said behavior surfaced just a few days after we got back from our honeymoon. The night it happened, I just had to laugh after I realized what was going on. Like I said, thankfully, I had been warned, so it didn't come as too big of a shock to me.

And then it happened again, just a few nights later while we were staying at my parents house. That night, it freaked me out a little, and the best part was, he lied about it to save himself from embarrassment.

And then it happened again.

And again.

And again...

Sometimes it's a bit more extreme than others. Sometimes it's more real. Sometimes more funny. And sometimes, it's just plain annoying when I'm tired and trying to sleep.

But usually, it's just plain funny

Take last night for example, I slept terrible the night before, and thankfully last night, I was out cold. That is, until 12:45am rolled around, and out of nowhere John ripped the comforter off of us, began semi-freaking out, and frantically brushing something off of him and the bed. He then flipped on the lights, and stared at me with wide eyes. I stared back, eyes just as wide, wondering what in the world is going on.

It's usually at this point he knows what he's doing. He knows whatever he saw wasn't real and was all in his imagination. Usually, that is. And then we'll have a good laugh about it and fall back to sleep. But not before I make another joke that the boogieman, the bats, the bees, or the spiders are going to get him again. Like I said, it's usually all pretty humorous, even if it is 12:45am and I'm dead tired and half asleep.

But last night, even when John came to, he was still convinced that there were spiders ALL over our room. He pulled the dust ruffle up, looked under the bed, and then he just stared at me and said, "I know there are spiders in here, they were all over, where did they go?" and proceeded to look under the bed, just one more time, to find those nasty little critters.

He seemed so dumbfounded by it all, "but they were so real" is all he kept saying as I drifted back to sleep.

Much to his dismay, no spiders were found during last nights antic.


Lauren Kay said...

Oh my gosh! That's SO funny! Feel free to post any other stories :)

Joy said...

At least he doesn't scream weird things at you like someone else in our family...we love them all no matter what, right?

Cynthia Lovell said...

ha ha ha When I saw the picture I really thought there was a spider in your bed. I used to wake up in the night because I was so hot, & find John had crawled in bed with us sometime during the night or he was asleep on the floor beside out bed. Maybe he'll outgrow it someday........

Lorena said...

Your family must have a fetish for people with spider hallucinations, because I have had the exact same hallucination probably a hundred times. Tell John I feel his pain. The spiders are everywhere!

Steve said...

The spiders are very real. Unfortunately, the also really disappear right when our spouses wake up and look at us like we are crazy. I believe you John :)

Brittany said...

I believe you, too, John! :) This made me laugh so hard.

This just makes me like John all the more.

Colie said...

At least it's not a shark ... ???