How to make your husband jealous

It's been awhile since I've been hit on. That's what getting married does to you I suppose. Most people see a ring on the finger and look the other way. At least that's what I'd assume people do when they see a girls married. But I guess, married or not, some people have no shame.

Take last night for example. Lately our nights have been spent at the driving range, with John trying to perfect his swing. He's trying to keep the statement, all dentists golf, factual I suppose. I tag along for the fun of it, hit a few balls and call it good. Last night I may have been a little overly dressed for the golf course, but we needed to take pictures for something I'm going to be doing, and I figured I was making up for embarrassing him the day before showing up in running clothes, not a polo. Gasp, the horror of not dressing according to golfer standards. Golf course are clearly more classy than that.

To my defense, I ran home from the golf course that night. And just for the record, I felt more comfortable being there in workout clothes rather than a dress.

Last night as I sat watching John, I overheard one of the employees, who happens to be deaf, talking to the people a few feet down from us. He then made his way towards us, as he finished picking up the empty baskets that were lying around. I smiled, handed him our basket, and he drove away. After he left, I made some snide remark about him thinking I was pretty darn cute with the way he was looking at me.

And wouldn't you know it, not five minutes later, he drives back over in his golf cart to where I'm sitting, mind you, it was pretty apparently I was there with John, and says to me, "Excuse me, excuse me, we have a problem here..." I instantly thought, shoot, maybe there really is a dress code here? Maybe I'm not supposed to be sitting on the grass? Do I need to put my shoes back on? But then he finished with saying, "I'm going to have to call the fire department, because you're way too hot for this golf course."

I burst out laughing, said thank you, and he drove off.

John wasn't too appeased by this, but I was soaking it in. As we left, I smiled, waved, got an eye roll from John, and told him I couldn't wait to come back tomorrow night. But this time, I'll leave this dress at home...

Apparently this is the look that swoons men on the golf course. Noted. 


Joy said...

Too funny! I'd eat it up too if it ever happened to me.

Colie said...

Do we not get a picture of your hotness in your hot dress?!?
(PS-I'm calling you tonight or tomorrow or the next day or whenever you're free!)

julz said...

Work it girl!!

Cynthia Lovell said...

Ha ha ha ha Very Cute!

Jessie DiRocco said...

AWESOME pick-up line! Please post pictures of what you were wearing so we can get the full effect!