What an unexpected rainstorm*

John's out of school for the next three weeks and to say having to go to work, while he stays home has been easy, would be a big fat lie. So, clearly Monday and Tuesday sucked! 

But today, I may have had a change of heart, and I'm highly considering the whole I-go-to-work-while-he-stays-home-and-takes-care-of-things-around-the-house, gig. 

Point in case, I came home from work/gym to this:

A bathroom that's in shambles, and two boys hard at work:

I may have left a laundry list of things that "would be nice if they got done" over the break. 

You know, fix the TV cable that's coming into our house through the front door, and we look totally ghetto because our door doesn't totally close right anymore. 


And, fix the pipes so our shower can finally have cold water and we can stop standing in burning hot water, or, better yet, a mere trickle of water just so we don't burn ourselves. And did I mention the knobs fall off every.time.I.shower! Our shower may or may not have been acting like this for a good eight or nine months now. But whose counting, or paying attention for that matter? 


Yeah, living in an old home isn't always fun, it's more games than anything. Figuring out what works. What doesn't. What we can purposely ignore just so we don't have to fix, yet another, problem that's going to cost us a fortune. 

I love our 1925 house, but it definitely comes with some major maintenance that neither one of us were entirely expecting. Der! But would I live in an old house again. Absolutely! I might even prefer them actually.

It's only three days into this "summer break" of John's, and overdue thing are finally getting done around this place. I'm starting to wish more three week breaks occurred during dental school. Like I said, I'm highly considering the whole I go to work while he plays housewifehusband.

So, while they're busy at work and getting things done around here, and I can't shower because it's still a mess back there, I'll continue to chill in my workout clothes, eating homemade caramel ice cream, (because that's what you eat after a good workout), and wishing that overdue rainstorm would have lasted just a little bit longer.

*Quoted from one of the worst yet awesomest movie ever made. Do you know it?


Brittany said...

I don't have any idea what movie that quote is from, but I do love that photo of John glaring at you for taking the photo. :)

Awesome he's getting all that stuff done.

MichaelJ said...

It's the BRADY BUNCH MOVIE! Can we please watch that when you come visit?

Joy said...

I love that Michael knew which movie it was from and I love that John will try to fix these things in your adorable old house.

Lindsay said...

I can't wait for the time when we can do fix it's around the house. So fun. Way to go John for learning how to fix things!

Cynthia Lovell said...

It makes me proud that John is so handy! I Love your house!