I ♥ technology

Since I can't just up and hang out with these two munchkins, in person, anytime I want,
hanging out via skype is basically the next best thing.
I can still get them to laugh and smile, or tell me stories. 

But when I tell my nephew I want a cracker, to which he says,
"Daddy, Amy cracker."
That's when I'm reminded skype can only go so far.

If only I could live closer to these two...and my new niece of course, but she's not quite old enough to join in on our conversations just yet.


AJ Candrian said...

Cute. I love JB's smile. It makes me melt. Even on Skype.

Brittany said...

Too cute. I liked this post.

Joy said...

Seriously precious!

Colie said...

Your nephews are so cute! They're getting so big too!