Special Delivery Revealed

Last week I posted about our special delivery that we got just minutes before we left for our trip back east. Seeing that our garage is now full of boxes and boxes and boxes, and we have far too many goods than we know what to do with, I figured, what the hey, why not make a fun guessing game out of it and give one away to a lucky reader (because I have so many, readers that is, not toothbrushes, although I guess I have lots of those now, too). Clearly we have plenty to go around.

So, what's actually in our boxes you might be asking, and how many do we actually have?

Well, my husband is a soon-to-be dentist, so it only makes sense that our garage is now full of toothbrushes. That's right, toothbrushes. But not just any kind of toothbrushes, these are the nice kind, the kind your dentist tells you to get, but then you learn they can be hundreds of dollars you decide against it. Because whose really going to spend that kind of money on a toothbrush when you can use that money to buy clothes, or shoes, or other exciting non-essential things? Rich people. That's who. Which I am not.

Here she is in all her glory, the Oral-B 1000 series toothbrush. I haven't actually used it, but my husband has and he seems to think it's pretty shnazy.

I lied, it's actually the 1000 series, not the 3000 like I said earlier. But it's still nice, promise!
And how many of these succors do we actually have? Ahem, 990, ahem, yes you read that correctly. Don't ask. Just know that if you are in need of a fancy toothbrush to keep those pearly whites good and healthy, and you have something equally cool that you're dying to get rid of, we might be able to work something out. Our friends traded toothbrushes for a non-working dirt bike. Now, I don't really want that, but I'm just saying, we can always work something out.

It looks like Ruth's guess was the most right on, she guessed 289 boxes. Congrats, Ruth! Email me your address at amycandrian@gmail.com and your toothbrush will be on it's way.

I had to laugh at some of the guesses you guys made. 1000 dollar store pregnancy tests. Could you imagine? Ha!

Don't forget to brush...and floss!


Colie said...

Hold the phone - do we every get to know HOW ON EARTH you 2 ended up with 990 toothbrushes? And I'm ready for John to convince me as to why they are the best. I tend to be more of a Colgate girl but I can switch to Oral-B if he really, truly, deeply, firmly believes in them.

carla thorup said...

man, i wish i were on my a game and guessed, because i cld always use a new toothbrush!

Jana said...

joe wants to know how you ended up with soooo many toothbrushes?!?!?! :)

Little Ones Learning said...

I think I should get a toothbrush for my awesome guess:) Yes I can imagine 1000 pregnancy test - I have been known to go through them like crazy (what?).
By the way, you are my favorite on the 21 day challenge. I don't comment a lot, but I thought you should know.