So long sweet summer

I remember after we booked out tickets to come back east for our summer vacation we both wondered, will 10 days be too long of a trip? 

We may have been slightly worried that we would be overstaying our welcome back here visiting family and friends, but I can assure you, had we added on 10 more days to this trip, I still don't think it would have been long enough, and that we'd be ready to go back to our life in the mid-west. 

I didn't cry when I left the east coast to move to Oklahoma, but I may cry today as we leave, knowing what I'm going back to. Jokes, it's not that bad, but I rather stay here any day of the week.

So long east coast, we'll be back soon! 

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1 comment:

Cynthia Lovell said...

It was GREAT to see you and be with the two of you!!!
I wasn't ready for it to end either, but.....life goes on.
Savor the moment & build Happy Memories wherever you are!