While John jetted off to Mexico to pull teeth for spring break, Mr. P and I headed off to SLC to be with family. A week with no husband is much more enjoyable not alone.

We ate lots of good food, like maybe we went to Kneaders three times in one week, but somehow missed entirely In n' Out and Cafe Rio. We'll be back in May, so I felt ok about it.

We hung out with my sister and had some good cousin time for a few short days.

We froze our butts off, and later some got sick, after running in the Rex Lee Run down in Provo. Was it worth it? Sure, even if my cousin beat me and I was convinced he'd be eating my wind.

We lounged. A lot! It happens when you have no car, parents are being responsible and working, and the house was being fixed after an awesome pipe break/water leak.

We celebrated my moms birthday and ate lots of delicious food...that she prepared. I promise I offered. At least I did the cake.

We got to see Johns parents who so happened to be in town at the same time. Little PJ loved that. (Forgot to capture that moment on the phone)

And then I splurged and had the bachelor superstar, Ms. Money do my hair.

Now, vacation mode is over and I'm already anticipating the arrival of May, when we get to bask in said mode all over again, but this time it'll be all.summer.long!


Joy said...

I love how short I look next to you and Michael. Cute pic of your Dad holding Preston's hand...e-mail your fav. to me....please!

Mandy said...

I didn't realize this Mexico thing was happening so quickly! So glad you got to be with family....AND side note, I nominated you for the Liebster Award....no idea if you care or want one, but I was nominated and am supposed to pick other bloggers I love to also nominate. Yours is one of them of course. ;) Let's play soon... Directions for the award thingy on my blog here::

AJ Candrian said...

Cute photos. What an eventful few weeks for you. Can't believe mom is 55. WHAT?!

Joy said...

Ha ha, it was either 55 again or 59. I think 55 sounds quite nice.