In case you were all curious how my daily flossing went this month, I pretty much nailed it...minus while on vacation, because apparently floss wasn't as plentiful at my parents house as it is in a house with a soon to be dentist living in it. But even with a few days missed here and there, I'll take it, seeing that the number of days I flossed this month, is pretty comparable to the number of days I usually don't.

On to April, the month of NO, as in zero, zip, zilch, sweets. Whose joining me? Come on, you know you want to have a month of feeling awesome, and not weighed down by delicious, cookies, cake, ice cream, brownies, cadbury mini eggs, etc. etc. etc. What a drag, right?

I fully support good indulging, daily if you want. I don't judge. I love my treats. Love them! Which is why I'm making myself avoid them for awhile, you know, so I can truly appreciate them all the more come May. No more stuffing my face for awhile. Because that's pretty much my daily. Thank goodness for nursing, but, someone's almost one, so, we're saying goodbye to that extra caloric burn. It's bittersweet.

I've already started compiling a list of all of the healthy and delicious things I can "indulge" on over the next month or so:
  • Edamame
  • Smoothies
  • Cottage cheese and crackers/peaches/pineapple/tomatoes/avocado/salsa (I love my cottage cheese...not MY cottage cheese, just the kind you eat, not harbor on your body, in case anyone was confused)
  • Apples/celery and peanut butter
  • Pumpkin seeds 
  • Nuts
  • Greek Gods yogurt (this is the BEST yogurt.ever! Taste pretty much like dessert with it's delicious creaminess, except its not. And it's healthy!) throw in some berries, delish!
  • Hummus
  • And if I'm really feeling boring one day, I suppose I could just munch on some veggies.
Anyone else have any delicious, healthy snacks that are good dessert replacers? Please share, I'm going to need them. And so are you, because you're joining me, right?


Joy said...

I'm in & I need you to ask me almost daily if I'm being good, OK? I'm adding fresh pineapple to my list of alternates to sugar....YUM!

AJ Candrian said...

Firstly, NOT joining you. Though I support you 100%. Secondly, The Greek Gods yogurt is SUPER high in calories (way more than normal yogurt), though I agree that it is amazing and I use it in my smoothies despite the high number of calories. Three, good luck. You're very strong.

Lovell Family said...

Does sugar free stuff count? I'd be eating sugar free jello if I was doing a no sweets thing. Good luck...I'm with your sister...I will not be joining you. I've got a huge pregnant body that I've got to keep up. BTW...I totally gained weight when I quit nursing, hope your luck is better than mine!

Lindsay said...

I will halfheartedly be joining you. And careful on induldging on edemame. I discovered that will backfire and kill your stomach. Good luck

Erin said...

I might join you. Although I've already raided the boys Easter candy several times today. I've got some yummy alternatives I'll send you :) or when I'm craving a bit of sugar I add POM to my green smoothies