He'd live outside if we let him

Great weather makes for a great weekend. A weekend spent mostly outdoors, playing, playing, playing. And when weekends are spent mostly outdoors, life just seems pretty good. And when I say I like spending time outdoors, I don't actually mean camping or anything else of that nature. Let's not confuse anyone here!

I've decided one of the best things about being a parent is getting to experience being a child all over again. This is just reason number 2356 that having a child is awesome. The thrill of going down a slide. The smiles that come from swinging on the swing-set. And the laughter that follows doing the simplest things. My life doesn't seem to be quite as carefree as it once was when I was little, so, it's fun to see things through the eyes of a child and be reminded of how great life really is.

Our weekend was spent "exploring" downtown. Sadly something that can be done in about two seconds flat, but we "explored" anyway, and ended up at the children's garden portion of the Myriad Botanical Gardens:


And on Sunday after church we headed up to the lake to fly kites. When it's nearly 70 out in March, it's a crime to stay indoors: 

The kid's a natural: 

We couldn't leave without watching some of the kite surfers out in the lake, and then long to be near the ocean. Muddy lake water isn't quite as enticing:

This kid is all smiles when he's outside, so, brace yourself for a little arched back tantrum throwing boy, when you dare bring him inside. It's not pretty.


Cynthia Lovell said...

LOVE the post!!! Little Preston is so CUTE!!! It's fun to see all the pictures and adventures of this little one!

Joy said...

Oh the cruelty of being a parent, shame on you for making him go inside! He is such a cute boy.

Erin S said...

he's such a cute boy :)

Cynthia Lovell said...

Such a Good Looking Family!!!