In January I made a goal to read the entire Book of Mormon from cover to cover. I completed that goal and loved every second of it.

February I dedicated to love, and tried to be more loving. I semi-completed that goal, with my 14-Days of Valentines for my one and only. But, being the human I am, I still had those moments of being, well, me. And sometimes being me isn't always pleasant. Or pretty. Goodbye February.

Hello, March! This month I'm determined to have healthier gums because I'll be flossing my teeth every.single.day. A rare occurrence in my mouth. And yes, I'm married to a soon-to-be dentist. The audacity. I know.

I usually don't make new years resolutions, but this year I thought it would be fun to set a new goal each month and try to stick with it, you know, with the idea in mind that I'd carry these new found skills/abilities/desires/etc. into the following month and therefore throughout the reminder of the year, making this the best year yet.

I'm toying with the idea of April being a sweets free month. But, with wanting this to be the best year yet, I'm not sure eliminating sweets will make April a very happy month. We shall see.

I'd like to think this year is off to a semi-good start, but as life goes, there is always room for improvement. And unfortunately, I don't think improving is a goal that can ever be reached. So, does that mean these goals are useless after all?


Karen said...

You are awesome!!! Good for you. I love the idea of a new goal each month. It doesn't seem as daunting. You are seriously the best. I so wish we could get together for a weekend and just chat away.

Cynthia Lovell said...

Great Job!!! Love the picture of the baby!!1

Jana said...

I like this idea - may have to copy. Although I missed two months already... that means I might just have to wait on any type of goal setting until 2014...

Brittany said...

I like this idea. A lot. I may have to copy you and I don't think it matters if I didn't start in January. I will do it anyway.