10 Months

10 months looks pretty good on this little boy, whose really not so little at all. 
In fact, sometimes I forget he's only 10 months, seeing that he's as big as some two year olds I know. 
Where did my baby go? I think about this a lot, and then remind myself that I never really had a baby.
Although, he is still crawling, so that somewhat helps me feel like I DO have a baby, which is comforting. 

At 10 months:
He sleeps like a champ, 7pm-7am. Uninterrupted sleep is amazing. 
On a good day he'll still have two naps that are usually an hour to and hour and half long, each. Thankfully we have lots of good days.
He crawls all over the place and pulls himself up on any and everything. 
LOVES being outside.
Is getting really good at recognizing things; dogs, airplanes, birds, lights. If he see's one, and you ask him where it is, he'll either look in the direction of it, or point at it and squeal with excitement. It's pretty cute. 
Talks up a storm. Dada, is his favorite word, followed by yeah, wow, dah (dog), and ha (hi). There's an occasional mom in there when he's feeling so inclined. 
He loves to play copy-cat, you squeal, he'll squeal, you growl, he'll growl, etc. 
Waves hi and bye. 
Only has two teeth, but drools like 10 more are on their way.
He's getting a ton of hair, but we're still not entirely sure what color it is. Sometimes it looks a little redish (ugh), but other times it's definitely brown.  Only time will tell.
Totally a moma's boy, and still throws fits when I'm not around.
He's SUPER ticklish, so, naturally we LOVE to tickle him.
And basically he's the cutest kid ever. Ever. Ever!
 We love you little man. 


Cynthia Lovell said...

He is so CUTE!!! He looks like he is ALL Boy!!! In this light his hair does have a reddish tint. FYI there was never any doubt that Tate was a redhead. I doubt if you'll have to worry about that. A little red is always nice to have in hair. Gives it some personality. Anyway LOVE the picture! Can't believe he is already 10 mo. old. Can't wait to see you all!!!

Joy said...

Such a cute boy!

Jane said...

I like your posts! Glad you guys are doing well. And redheaded boys aren't that bad;).

Lovell Family said...

I can't believe he's 10 months already! He's adorable....looks like it's time for you guys to start all over again! :)

Kristin said...

I just caught up on your blogs!!! And now I'm calling you so we can play!!!!

Brittany said...

He looks a lot like you in that picture.

Also, with a kid that cute I think any color hair will look great on him.