Life Lately

I commented to John the other day that now that we have a child, I feel like I have less to blog about than before...which wasn't much anyway, but less nonetheless. How is that possible? Once you have a baby, aren't you supposed to be blogging up the wazoo?


But I think the real truth is, I'm afraid of this here blog turning into a "mommy blog" and really, we don't do much around here now that we have a kid. Our lives are pretty much summed up right here:

Sure, I have the cutest kid ever, and I'm happy to freely admit that, and like any mom, I'm happy to show him off to anyone and everyone around, but I'm pretty sure our families are the only ones who care about how cute our kid can giggle when we kiss and tickle his neck.

This is our kind of exciting these days, don't be too jealous.


Brittany said...

Oh my gosh that is so dang cute! I love babies.

Alicia said...

You are a cute mommy! With a cute little baby! Isn't it fun?!? Laughs are the best! love u

Joy said...

It's best when he does this for his grandma - especially when she's baby sitting him!

AJ Candrian said...

That is really adorable. I can now testify that he is just as cute in person. When he's happy. :) So glad I got to hold and cuddle that sweet little boy.

Colie said...

This isn't a mommy blog. This is an Amy's-a-hilarious-writer-who-also-has-a-darling-little-boy blog. Bring on the posts!

Kelly said...

i care. that was the cutest thing ever.