Home at last

After three weeks of vacation, four plane flights, and jumping from one place to the next, it's good to finally be home, although, I discovered, sadly, one of the only things I really missed while being on vacation, my dear electric toothbrush. Honest. I couldn't wait to brush my teeth last night. Nerd!

Another thing I missed, a good nights sleep. I think God took pity on me for being the mother of a fussy child and blessed me with a baby who knows how to sleep...at night that is. Then we went on vacation. Now, those 8-10 hours of solid rest are history, and have been for three weeks now, I PRAY history repeats itself. I'm tired. Like really tired, and I somehow landed a nasty head cold while we were in California, which makes it all the worse. Being sick and tired is never a happy combination, especially when you add a child that needs loving to the mix.

Neither of us were too thrilled about the idea of coming home, but, we knew it was time. Now, it's back to real life, which, sadly isn't much. Mostly John being in school all day, while I chill at home with the cutest baby around. Just living the life over here!

I'm going to miss these three weeks of vacation once dental school is over.


Emily said...

Oh man, I hear ya! Zack and I also just got home from being gone for 2 months and now I have forgot what I did all day!! My day to day life back here isn't too exciting. Too bad you guys are in dental school at Marquette! We could totally hang out and do nothing together!

Hope your baby gets better at sleeping- that's the pits!

Brittany said...

I love that picture of John and PJ. Good luck with the rest. Give him a few more days to adjust!

AJ Candrian said...

You should frame that picture and hang it in Preston's room and make it airplane themed. It's SOOOO cute!