If I must

I'll give up the things I love. Not because I want to, but because I near have to. Trust me. What a shame it is, that some of the taste buds greatest have to be shunned by someone such as myself. Someone who LOVES to eat, and generally speaking, eat healthy. But it's come to that point where my body is begging me to-stop-eating-what's-not-good-for-it. STOP already!

While most people can sit down and eat a nice green salad. I can't. Not with an allergy to lettuce. What? who's allergic to lettuce? Seriously, that doesn't even make sense.

Then add watermelon to the mix. At least I've heard of this one before.

I used to be obsessed (quite literally actually) with homemade granola. I ate it all the time. Granted, I never felt so hot afterwards (blamed it's fibrous reasons before I learned the truth), but boy did I love it's fresh, goodness. Old fashion oats, a bit of honey, coconut, sunflower seeds, brown sugar, cinnamon, vanilla, and a few other ingredients I can't remember at the moment. What's important here, is that three of these ingredients I'm allergic to, one of them being the OATS, and the others, cinnamon, and vanilla. Ok, seriously people? How is this possible? Oats, as in those heart healthy little, well, oats, that are good for you? I know, boggles my mind too. But unfortunately, very unfortunately, it's true.

Peanuts are another one of those, Amy-don't-eat kind of foods or you'll pay the price. Now this might sound disgusting, but I LOVE peanut butter. That's not the disgusting part. To the point that last year at work, I had to run across the street to buy a jar at CVS because I was craving it so badly. Yes, I was eating spoonfuls. That's the disgusting part. Even now, I want everything to have peanut butter mixed into it. Smoothies, pancakes, cupcakes (yes, I made them and they're absolutely delicious), by the spoonful, etc. etc. etc. Well, goodbye PB&J. Goodbye peanut butter bars, reese's peanut butter cups, peanut butter M&M's, etc. etc. etc. This is just getting more depressing by the ingredient.

And just to top off the rest, lima beans (I'm SO ok with that one), rye, histamine, walnuts, and corn. Talk about a list of random foods to have an aversion to.

Why am I bothering to inform all of you of this, you may be wondering? Well, I've told myself time and time again (at least in the last five months since I learned of these "allergies") that I'd stop eating this stuff. And maybe it happened when I was living at home before I got married. Boy was my mom good about not putting any of these ingredients into our food. But now that I've left home, and started doing my own cooking, or indulging, forgive me for wanting to have a bowl full of cookies and cream ice cream (vanilla based), or a PB&J sandwich, or O's for breakfast or most other cereals for that matter, or a fresh green salad. How dare my body crave such things. Seriously. I figured if I made it public, public outside of my own mind, and outside of telling my dear husband who occasionally questions my indulgences, or eggs them on, it's really got to stop. My body just can't handle it anymore. So here is my oath, that for at least a long while (is until January a long while?), I will refrain from eating some healthy foods, and others not so much, but ones that make other foods taste even better, all for the sake of feeling happy, healthy, and bloated free. I'm telling myself it will be worth it. But come the new year, if my body isn't thanking me, I'm going to make myself a smoothie with a scoop of peanut butter in it, with a PB&J sandwich, and have a nice big green salad, sprinkled with cinnamon, walnuts, corn, oats, vanilla, rye, lima beans, and watermelon, and say FORGET IT!


The Richmans said...

1)I thought you already gave up this stuff?
2)I didn't think you were allergic to peanuts?

Lindsay said...


1. I read your blog too. It cracks me up, whether it should or not, especially the mice and the present left by the people who were there before you. Seriously?

2. Yes, you have a lot to look forward too, it all depends on his commander wherever you all get transferred. I heard SoCal's commander is not too much fun. Our is nice, just all business.

3. I miss DC. Weird. (NOT RICHMOND!) I do miss the Richman's though.