Best part of the week at last

Getting to spend some real time with him
I love weekends

We'll be busy
Eating a (hopefully) delicious meal with friends tonight, at this highly rated place

Deep cleaning our house, due to previously mentioned mice incident, one post earlier...
one killed, who knows how many more to go

Taking time to make this yummy salad
I've already made it once, but it's that good I need it again

And this delicious looking dessert
a craving for the last two weeks now

Hoping BYU doesn't make a fool out of themselves against FSU on Saturday

I may or may not be convincing my husband that we need one of these, to help with the mice problem, particularly one named Theo

And debating if I want to start reading this trillogy
I'm not one for reading books that are part of a series, unless their THAT good

Oh, and to kick off the weekend on an entertaining note,
I'm still laughing at this video and this one
"what does this mean?"
"I don't do well with this stuff..."
Oh man, good stuff



Cynthia Lovell said...

Very Cute!!! I just watched your scare tactics! ha ha ha Never heard of it before. Love the Asian Noodle Salad!
Lisa made it last summer and it was DELICIOUS!!!
You two look like you are having Lots of Fun!!!
Oh and I hope you enjoy your dinner tonite! Looks Great!

The Richmans said...

Let me know if those chocolate cupcakes are good. Brian loves peanut butter so if they're good, I'll make them, too.

Also, Hunger Games is quite entertaining. I recommend the series. But once you start, you might not want to do much else--just to warn you!

Also, it's still weird to me that you have a husband. Really weird.

Joy said...

Hope the deep cleaning is deep enough...otherwise you may have more uninvited guest to dinner.

Cynthia Lovell said...

love it! so how were the cupcakes? I need pb and chocolate, but I need to know that they'll be so good. And, I am also debating the hunger games. I just finished the glass castle- that was really good... happy sunday!

Colie said...

I just finished the hunger games, and it was a fun beach read. Did you make those cupcakes? yummy...