As if having moved into a house with a toilet full of human waste wasn't enough, I just recently discovered we have mice in our house, too. I don't relate it to the fact that we live in an old house. Nor a dirty one at that. Hey, my roommates and I once killed five mice/rats in our house when I lived in Hawaii, and that was just in a few short months. But that house was kind of old, and dirty, too, so it made more sense. I think I even found it more entertaining than disturbing back then, than I do know. Probably because I was only 19, I was such a kid. Don't let that face fool you either (in the picture on the right), I was only doing it for dramatic effect. Although, let's be honest, that thing was huge, and completely disgusting.

So, unfortunately, this isn't something I've never dealt with before. But it's definitely not something I enjoy either mind you. However, I'm relating it to the fact that it's Oklahoma, and it's hot and humid outside, and they want an escape. Poor little guys. NOT! That, and our house is pretty comfy and cozy to hang out in. And we are a rather enjoyable couple, even if we're not home most of the day, and when we are, John's studying and I'm hanging out with my computer (yes, I'm aware, I need hobbies). Regardless of all of this, I don't enjoy finding droppings on my cookie sheets, nor do I like finding surprises in my slippers. YUCK! The questions is, clearly they're coming inside, but WHY haven't they bothered to eat any of our food. I find that peculiar for some reason. I'm grateful for obvious reasons, but what are they doing in our house besides pooping everywhere? Whatever! Traps will be in full swing tomorrow, and since I'm sure none of you are planning on coming to visit us anyway, besides our parents of course, I feel no shame in giving you yet another reason why you probably won't make it to our neck of the woods. I'm sure your list of reasoning for not coming to visit looks something like this:

1-too far away-where is Oklahoma anyway?
Side note: I'm shocked at how many people really aren't sure where Oklahoma is. Come on people, what happened to those 5th grade U.S geography lessons?
Bonus side note: Our capitol is Oklahoma City, just in case you were wondering and forgot your capitols, too

Double bonus side note: play this game. Then you'll never have to ask embarrassing questions again! And if you get hooked, on this and other games, I apologize in advance.

2-your house once had a toilet that smelled like an out house--It HAS been resolved, so that's a petty excuse (sister, that's directed at you)

3-you now have mice. Sick nasty little critters leaving droppings in your house and on your stuff, and certainly I don't want their remains on my stuff, too--ok ok, that's at least a semi-legit reason.

Maybe one day, despite these three reasonings, (it's only been two months, so I'm sure I'll keep adding to your list), you'll change your mind. In fact, I'm sure I can give you more reasons to visit than not.

We'll start with the first one.

1- WE live here, in a really cute house. Just ignore two out of three of your reasonings above. And let's face it, you know you all miss us, whoever you all are! At least we like assuming that anyway, so humor us and pretend it's true.


The Richmans said...

That's disgusting. If I had mice in my house, I don't think I'd want to admit it to anyone.

I hate to say that I don't know if I can visit you now. I hate mice more than Indiana Jones hates snakes. I'm cringing just thinking about it. But, you did make me realize that I should be careful with food in my house--especially where I eat.

Amy said...

I almost lived in a house where the previous tenant had been murdered, I don't think I'm embarrassed to admit mice..it's only temporary. Plus, no one is going to visit us anyway, besides mom and dad, or John's parents.

Erin S said...

Oh the joys of being home owners! Which sometimes I think is over-rated. You should get a cat. You could name it Oreo Jr, or O.J. for short.

Cynthia Lovell said...

Are you sure it's a mouse? The one picture looked like it could be a rat. Hopefully you can find out where they're getting in and get rid of them. Good Luck!!!
We're Excited to come and see you anyway!!!

Joy said...

YUCK! The house I grew up in Portland use to get mice and we'd hear them crawl in between the walls...seriously, mice are gross. Make sure you wash off everything with hot soap and water before you use it.

Lindsay said...

Eww!! I hate rodents of any kind. Our neighbor likes to feed the squirrels. Squirrels are cute mind you, but I do not like them feeling comfortable around people. Maybe we will make it out there before we move. John was really pushing for it last night! :)

Cody and Rachelle said...

We had mice last year about this time. It was disgusting!! It took Cody and I about a week and half to figure out what mice poop was...we weren't the smartest. Then the first night we set traps we got a big fat mouse. I loved seeing its pathetic body dead in my trap, it made me happy! Now I am always paranoid and on the lookout for any sign of them.

Colie said...

What do mice contribute to the world? Seriously ... why do we even have them?