Friday at last

A job that allows me to work from home is my kind of job.
The boss went out of town today, and so did a few key co-workers I work with,
so, I get to do just that to day. Work from home.

Now that fall has arrived, and the weather is near perfect outside, high 70's with a light breeze, I figured I might as well take advantage of it, and my porch, and work from home, outside. What a perfect way to kick off the weekend.

Followed by:
The Oklahoma State Fair
A relaxing Saturday around the house
Hopefully squeezing in a game or two of tennis
General Relief Society Meeting
and making a delicious dessert, that I haven't quite decided on.
Suggestions are welcomed.



Joy said...

Wish I could work from home...LUCKY! Talk to you late tomorrow night.

Lindsay said...

It is funny how now that I stay at home, everyday feels like Friday, but not really. I guess everyday just feels exactly the same. Ha.So are you guys gonna run the ragnar or what?!

AJ Candrian said...

Nice picture you took of yourself.

Colie said...

I want to play tennis with you! And cook that scrumptious dessert & watch conference. Why is SD so far from OKC?!?