Another Labor Day weekend success

Little did I know, that last year when I flew to Dallas, Texas over Labor Day weekend, for the BYU/OU game, that not only would an OU game become a Labor Day weekend tradition, but getting to hang out with John, would also become part of that tradition as well.

Last year's Labor Day weekend was pretty great, as apparent in this post here, but I failed to mention the best part of that weekend, which included, meeting up with a certain someone, who I had been crushing on for far too long. It was too early in our "relationship" to express those kinds of exciting details of my weekend, in this public domain, so I kept them to myself. However, now, merely one year later, I'm married to that man who I was lucky enough to "officially" meet up with just one year ago. And to add to the humor of it all, I now work for OU, too.

I think Labor Day weekend is quickly becoming my new favorite weekend of the year. Last years was definitely a blast, and this year, things only got better:

Let the tradition continue, the OU/Utah State game:

Then, it was off to spend the rest of the weekend camping. I learned a few things on this camping trip. Either being married makes camping a whole lot more enjoyable, or it helps to have a really fun group of people to go on the excursion with you. Either way, I enjoyed camping for a change, and I don't think John heard one word of complaint coming from my mouth. A shocker, I'm sure!

A few things that help camping to become more enjoyable.
1-Eating really well. Nothing beats dutch oven cooking:

2-Being near water:

3-Cliff jumping:

Contemplating our strategy to jump:

I wish more weekends could be labor free!


Joy said...

Looks like you two had a good weekend. I'm glad.

Cynthia Lovell said...

LOVE IT!!!! Looks like so much FUN!!!

Jessie DiRocks said...

I remember you talking about that game last year. I am so glad you have such a fun story to tell! Miss you dearly <3