A heart full of thanks

What better way to spend Thanksgiving than with family? So, with family it was. John and I decided that since we're now pros of cross country driving, (not as cool as cross country running I know, but both take skill) and my sister is only a twelve hour car ride away (as if that's so close), why not head to Tennessee for turkey day? I'm not really a huge fan of long drives anymore, since I feel like I've had an overdose of them this year. But since it meant getting to hang out with my sisters, and cute little nephew, I was all for it! Thankfully the drive to and from flew by, all except the last two hours...both ways. Isn't that how it always goes? So anxious to get there, yet it feels like the last little bit JUST.WON'T.END. Regardless, I couldn't have asked for a better or more needed vacation, than our little trek to Tennessee. It makes me laugh when I think about how crazy it is that not only do I live in Oklahoma, a place I NEVER imagined I would live, but that I also have a sister who lives in Tennessee, and I can assure you, she probably never imagined she'd live there, either. I love that about life, that changes and opportunities you never expect come your way, and generally speaking leave lasting impressions on you. It's what makes life exciting.

I have to admit, I'm slightly jealous my sister lives in Tennessee, it was absolutely beautiful there. Who knew? Thanks, sister, for letting John and I come crash at your house for a few days. I was in need of my family. That was made apparent as we drove away and I started bawling in the car. John was trying to figure out what the heck was wrong with me, and besides being a girl, whose hormones sometimes are out of whack, I was so sad to be coming back "home" and leaving my sisters and nephew behind, that all I could do was let the tears go at it. I've been spoiled in my life, and no not just because I'm the youngest. But because in the last few years, I've always had family around. I miss dearly being roommates with my sister, and getting to hang out with her everyday. She became one of my best friends. I miss when my brother and sister in-law lived close by, and my brother and I would hang out on Friday nights together and go eat delicious food. And I equally miss having my sister an hour and a half drive away, and being able to go visit her on any given weekend. There's something special about having family, especially your siblings close by, and sadly, I don't think that will ever happen again. I'm convinced that that's why I was supposed to go to Washington, DC in the first place. Aside from all of the opportunities that awaited me there, I know it was so I could be close to my siblings. So, that's exactly what I am thankful for this Thanksgiving season, for family. For amazing sisters. For a humorous brother. For my adorable nephews. My loving and incredible, like seriously incredible parents. My great in-laws. And of course, my darling husband who is far too good to me, and who I often times feel entirely undeserving of. There's nothing better in life than having an amazing family who loves me, is supportive of me, and always there for me, no matter what.

I couldn't help but think back to this occasion,

and reflect on all of the people who were there to support John and I those five short months ago. Blood relation or not, this lovely bunch is all family in my eyes!


Lindsay said...

Totally know how you feel. I miss SO badly being close to any family members! Glad you got to take the treck to visit your sisters!

Joy said...

A 12 hour drive sounds close to me!

Colie said...

That does it - I'm photoshopping (that's not a verb but it'll have to be one for one) myself in! Why did Belgium have to be 5,046 miles away?