Things I learned this weekend:

  • Date night in Oklahoma's Asian District was an awesome idea. Not only did we land ourselves a great dinner, we discovered an entire Asian market, full of anything and everything imaginable. Pig snouts, chicken feet, beef tongue, live crab and lobsters were just a few of our discoveries. 
  • My husband really is learning something in school, or at least how to make personalized molds:

Was I little nervous when he had to use some serious force to pull the molding out of my mouth?  Well, you would be too if you had a fake front tooth, that if pulled out, would have been completely noticeable. Good thing the tooth remained intact, I wasn't about to go through that again.
  • Seeing an adult get baptized and join the church is a really cool experience. I can't imagine how much faith that would take to give up a lifestyle you've become so accustomed to, but I commend him for his decision, and know it's one that will change his life for the better. We felt really blessed that we've been able to be with him throughout his conversion. 
  • John and I are really cultured. At least after this weekend that's how we feel. The guy who got baptized  took us and the missionaries out for some seriously awesome authentic taco's. Beef tongue and other innards may have been the meat of the taco's, sounds nasty, but boy were they delicious. 
  • I really love cooking and making desserts. This weekends desert consisted of this delicious peanut butter goodness. For some reason these remind me of my childhood. Although, I'm pretty sure my mom never made these for me as a kid.
  • A few weeks ago, a certain someone, unbeknown to him, completely drenched my phone, while doing the dishes. Bless his heart, I couldn't be mad, when he was doing me a favor, but I thought all was lost when my phone slowly, but surely was giving up on me. So, I placed my phone in a baggie with a silica gel packet over night, and it was good as new the next day. Well, this past weekend, while cleaning the toilet, my phone took another plunge to it's death. I tried to revive the thing, like I had done a few weeks prior, but much to my dismay, it was still half dead. The touch screen was just a little too touchy for my liking. Thank goodness I'm not the only one who bathes their phones.  It's always comforting knowing others have made the same mistake. How embarrassing would it be to type into google, 'how to save my wet cell phone?' and nothing pops up? As though you're the only one whose done such a thing. Thankfully, others know how to reverse the problem. Sticking your phone in a bag of rice really does work. My phone is good as new, and clean too! Awesome.


Lindsay said...

Wow..you should have tried the chicken feet. It is quite the experience! Promise. :) I worked for an Asian family and I felt pressure to try the little claws. So gross!!

Colie said...

I don't know what part to comment on - the awesome baptism, the delectable beef tongue, the peanut butter goodness, the personalized mold (John, way to make your line of work personal - it's touching), or the toilet + phone encounter. It's all so exciting!

Cynthia Lovell said...

Loved your post!!! You are so creative!!! Well three years ago I accidentally flushed my phone down the toilet. I thought it was lost and gone forever, but then it popped back up. I immediately took it and rubbed it dry with a rag and took the battery out and put the hair dryer on it for a couple of hrs. (I didn't have it too close) Anyway it worked for another couple of years.

Rob said...

from Lorena: sounds like a great weekend. That's really cool about the baptism and new friend.
Thanks for enlightening me that you can save a cell phone that has taken a bath. I did not know! We've lost cell phones that way and never knew it was possibly reversible. Long live google.