One year ago...

Exactly one year ago today, I sat at work longing for the day to finally be over. I couldn't concentrate. I was anxious. Extremely nervous. But oh, was I excited, because today was the day that a certain Mister was flying out to send the weekend with me. We'd been on exactly one date. Spent maybe a few hours in each others presence. But boy, did we have the phone calls down.

Exactly one year ago we started dating. 
And exactly one year later, we've been married for almost five months. 
It amazes me what 365 short days can do to ones life. 
In fact, it's kind of scary what can happen in one years time.
But I wouldn't change any of it.
Oh, and boards are over. 
Thanks for all of your prayers and good luck wishes, I know he appreciated it.


Cynthia Lovell said...

I've been off the computer for a few days and I'm LOVING your posts!!! I can't believe ALL that's happened in this past year and It's been GREAT!!!!!

Joy said...

Such a cute couple! Don't waste a moment of your time together...loving and caring for each other.

Colie said...

Heck yeah! Best year EVER!
I'm just glad you waited until I got back from my mission to start the whole falling-in-love thing so that I could be your long-distance consultant for your long-distance love. Muchos gracias.

Jessie DiRocks said...

I can't believe this was all a year ago! Crazy how time flies!