Getting my craft on

Anyone who knows my mom, can't deny the fact that she's one of the most talented and creative people there is. When it comes to her talented juices of creativity, she's pretty much amazing at everything she does. I may have inherited most of my looks from my mom, along with a few other things that I need not mention, but her creativity, and talent with the arts, well, that one somehow took a backseat in my creation. I try. But I will never reach the level of excellency like her. I've come to terms with this long ago. Yet, despite that understanding, I still take a stab at it, all the while, probably making 10+ phone calls to home, asking her what to do next.

Recently I've been trying to shift my backseat creativity into the front seat, while limiting the phone calls home. I've found that sticking with the basics generally works best.

My sisters and I may have gotten crafty over the Thanksgiving break, and put together a little front door decor:

And being the nice aunt that I try to be, I thought I'd crochet my little nephew a new beanie for his first birthday. Don't let that face fool you, he loves it! Or so I tell myself to make my efforts feel appreciated:
Really, I just wanted an excuse to post this picture. I laugh every time I see that face.

I hope to one day make it to my mom's level. But with her quiet book, stained glass windows, homemade Christmas stockings for all of her future grandchildren (I guess she thinks she'll be getting more), sock puppets to entertain her primary class, pop-up cards, homemade journals, and quilts for grandson 1 and 2,  not to mention her craftiness with my wedding preparations, and turning old things into new treasures--and that's just all in the past year or so--it may take me a lifetime and beyond to get there. She should win an award. Like most talented and amazing mom ever!


Joy said...

Maybe you should just make-up an award and present it to me. I'd like publicity and a wonderful ribbon to wear around my neck...ha ha! I love the ties on James' hat...so cute! His face is so funny...I'm laughing out loud at work. Luckily no one is around.

Lindsay said...

Yeah, I am with you in tha department. I struggle in the arts and crafts department hardcore, then get overwhelmed when I DO try and be crafty. Sigh...

AJ Candrian said...

I love that picture. And your wreath. And our mom.

Colie said...

You're a better aunt than I am: I just give my nieces & nephews candy. :)