"With that jacket it looks good" -John*

When I moved away from DC, leaving behind my east coast life, my desire for fitness stayed behind, too. I'm not quite sure how it happened. But somehow, my desire to work out and stay physically fit hasn't quite been up to par like it used to be. Probably because I left behind one of the most fit places in the U.S. A place that made working out easy, fun, and enticing. In fact, it was almost hard not to work out when living back east. But now, I live in a place that makes working out so undesirable (in my eyes anyway) that it's become far more of a chore than a habit these days. So, what to do when I find myself in a slump? Buy new shoes of course! For me, a good pair of new running shoes is almost as good as an entirely new outfit. Go figure! But, I'm convinced that a good pair of shoes, not to mention ones that look incredibly awesome, make working out all the more desirable. You try buying a cool pair of running shoes and NOT use them. It's a challenge, I assure you. So, even if I do live in a city that's fairly ghetto, has hardly any sidewalks to run on, and no 
Lincoln Memorial steps, 

Capital Hill neighborhoods, 

 or a Mt. Vernon trail to run along, 
(especially during the fall time. Fall on the east coast is my all time favorite), 
my man and I will still be out running, with these new beauties on, 
carrying us all over our new found territory,

and we'll do our best to enjoy it just the same.  

*John's response when I asked him if my hair looked ok this morning. There's nothing quite like being married to an honest man.

p.s. thanks Mom for the awesome teeth gummies, courtesy of the great land of Sweden!


Lindsay said...

It really IS hard to keep up on working out once you get married, but you can do it! I have kind of started running again cause the 5AM wake up isnt working so well with Scott's schedule. Sigh...It does feel good, though!

Joy said...

Love the photo of John...what a great smile! Honestly, funny looking candy, I hope John shared them with his dental friends.

Ready, set, RUN Amy & John! The change in daylight has effected my running. I have to go after work and I hate going then...but you can do it and must keep it up.

The Richmans said...

First of all, that quote by John is quite funny. Second, those pictures made me homesick for D.C.--especially this time of year. I can hardly stand being away, even though it is pretty here, too.

Erin S said...

Haha, that's good John is honest. The first thing I "taught" Dallas when we got married was the 4 things he should always check before I leave the house: 1. How is my hair? 2. Anything in my nose? 3. Anything in my teeth? 4. Anything on my butt and does it look good in whatever I have on?"
Yup, that about covers it!

Cynthia Lovell said...

Love it!!! Can't wait to see you guys!!!

Colie said...

Remember going for runs in the fall in Provo? :) Enjoy the new running shoes!