"We'll just stay up two hours later tonight, it'll be like going back in time." -John

I'm prefacing this with, "Sorry this is such a long post, but I'm not really short with words."

Sometimes I look back at my life over the past few years and wonder if I've degressed in life. The past few weeks are no exception. I've done (or not done) so many stupid things, that I wonder what's happening to me. Seriously, what's happening to me? To the point that it's scary. And today was just another embarrassing story to add to my collection.

John and I drive in to school/work together, nearly every morning. It's nice to get to spend the short drive to OU together, and to chat about our days when 5 o'clock finally rolls around. It's nice, because when he's not at school, and I'm not at work, he's studying, while I'm left to entertain myself (pre-kitty days anyway). So, needless to say, I look forward to our morning and evening drives together.

Today when the clock struck 5, I was eager to leave work, and head over to the dental school building to pick up the doctor himself. I stopped by my bosses office, to say goodnight, and ended up having a good 20 minute conversation with him about all things Oklahoma. I enjoyed the conversation, but I couldn't help but feel guilty for making John wait for me, since it was now 5:25 and I was still standing in my boss' office chatting it up. Normally I would have simply text John to say, hey, I'm running late, be there soon, but that would be too easy, and his phone doesn't exactly work at the moment. So, instead, I stood there chatting with my boss, feeling horrible for making John wait. Finally, I said goodnight and did a nice little power walk, in high heels might I add, to my car, and quickly drove over to his side of campus. And of course, was John there waiting for me? Nope, absolutely not. I forgot that on Wednesday's they have lab, and usually he stays a little longer to finish his project. I was feeling a little better about the situation, since now HE'D be the one to feel bad for making ME wait. But I didn't mind, I had my computer, so I pulled it out and did a little online shopping. J.Crew has some great stuff on sale you know! If I would have clicked the make purchase button, I would have spent well over $100. Good thing I refrained.

It's now 6:15, and I'm wondering where in the world John is, and why his project is taking so much longer than all of his friends, who have all said hi as they walked passed me to their cars. I had two thoughts. Either John is going to struggle as a dentist because it takes him far longer than everyone else to complete his projects (sorry honey), or, he's being a really good student and really making sure he gets an A on his project. It's now 6:45, and still no sight of the doctor, and I'm now thinking three new thoughts. One, he better hurry it up because I really have to go to the bathroom, and I don't know how much longer I can hold it, Two, I thought my future children were supposed to teach me patience, not my own husband? And three, boy, he's going to be so mad it's taken him this long to finish up whatever it is he's doing.

I gave up 'holding it' and drove across the street to the student union so I could go relieve myself. I left my phone in the car for obvious reasons. No on had called me the entire time I had been sitting in the car waiting. John's phone is sitting at home and out of order. I'm going to the bathroom, I don't really need to take it with me. But of course, when I got back into the car, to drive back over the our meeting place, that's when my phone would have a missed call AND text message from the one and only husband of mine. WHAT?! 

Text: Hey! I just got home. Where are you?


At first I thought it was a joke. So I started driving back to our spot, but quickly did a U-turn, in rage might I add, to head home. Feeling guilty, thinking it really was a joke, and he really was waiting for me, I decided to pull over into a parking lot to check my computer, thinking maybe he had emailed me in those few short minutes I was in the restroom. He beat me to the punch and called my phone instead.

Through my annoyance and anger, I tried to nicely say, ARE YOU REALLY AT HOME?

John: Yeah, I'm lying on our bed. Where are you? I thought you were heading home right after work?


I was furious, mad, angry, so annoyed, yet laughing at my stupidity. My emotions got the best of me on my drive home, (I was tired, hungry, and had been waiting for nearly two hours for him, I feel like my emotions are justified). So, through tears, accompanied by some laughter, I drive home as quickly as I could, marched into our bedroom, and plopped onto the bed, into John's arms. He laughed, and quickly apologized. I laughed back, and stated how mad I was. To which he responded, well, you don't look mad. But I was, kind of!

To make up for it, we went and got free ice cream from Cold Stone for our birthday's. Ice cream makes everything better. I'm just setting aside the thought that I had all intention of working out when I got home tonight. Why am I so forgetful sometimes? And always at my own expense.


The Richmans said...

Sorry, but you have got to quit calling him a doctor. Not yet. You've got to wait three more years before he gets that privilege.

Sorry you waited for him for two hours. Sounds like something I would do!

Lindsay said...

That is hilarious! Something that I totally would have done! I pictured myself in that situation and could feel my blood start to boil ever so slightly. Ha

AJ Candrian said...
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AJ Candrian said...

I love that story. Funny that you cried about it. I would probably be annoyed at myself too.

Cynthia Lovell said...

Ha ha ha ha That's so funny!!! Sound's like something that I would do, have done, etc. etc. etc.

alexkono said...

oh man, that totally sounds like something i would do! i carpool to school too... oh man. well at least you got ice cream out of it, and a fat hug from your hubby!