Today I miss college. All three of "my" colleges. I miss the farm lands surrounding BYU-Idaho. The small town atmosphere that engulfs you while you're there, and being a college student for the first time.

I miss laying on the beach in between classes, and the free exfoliation from a sand covered body at BYU-Hawaii. I miss living in paradise, and the ocean most of all.

When it comes to my BYU days, I really do miss everything. I miss being on campus. Walking in between classes with thousands of other students. Taking naps on the lawn near the library. Condo Row. The creamery. Intramurals. Tuesday morning Devotionals. Working in the computer labs. The bookstore. Hanging out in the LRC. Beverage nights. And BYU football. Yes, definitely BYU Football. And the excitement of game day in P-town! When it comes to all three BYU's, I miss my roommates, and the life long friends I made over the years. Oh to be a college student.

I don't miss the studying. The tests. The homework. Or sitting in lectures that never seemed to end. But I miss BYU football. The antsy crowd. Singing the cougar fight song. Being in the stadium on a Saturday afternoon. And usually walking away with a victory.

Somehow, with each new season away from Provo, and away from college, I've still found myself amongst a crowd of fans cheering on the blessed cougars. Not that everyone needs reminding, but it was at the BYU football game just last year where I "officially" met my husband for the first time. So, needless to say, we like BYU football, despite their horrible year they're having. We try not to be too shamed to say who we're cheering for. And tomorrow will be no exception. We're going to hold our heads high while wearing our cougar blue, and hope to be able to sing the fight song at least once during the game. But I won't be crossing my fingers. With the in-laws in town, we're headed down to Dallas in the morning to go cheer on our alma mater at the BYU/TCU game.

T.G.I.F., and as they say in Hawaii happy aloha Friday!


Joy said...

Sometimes I miss college days too, just not the tests! Have fun at the game. Maybe by being there, you'll bring good luck to those cougars.

Erin S said...

Umm... you forget to mention that you miss your amazing relatives that live in Idaho.....???

AJ Candrian said...

You shouldn't be missing the farmlands... because don't you have those in Oklahoma? :)

I miss college too. Every day. The "real world" is so overrated.

Alicia said...

I never have done anything fun like you did in college or now! I am jealous.. plus you have lots of friends from school! I have never been to a football game either, not even for my college, ASU.. I have no school pride I know

Colie said...

*wear sunscreen*
Love you!

DR and Brynna said...

College really was so fun! I'm glad we were roomies! Maybe someday ill get to go back to hawaii.

Lovell Family said...

amy...do you know sara schow? She was a friend and roomate of mine...I think that's her in the picture of you and some girls on the beach!