"You've been a very good patient" -John

Today's been one of those days. Despite it being Friday, meaning it should have instantly indicated greatness, it hasn't been entirely so. But, aside from the day I found myself having, there where a few things that made up for its lack thereof.

Awesome thing #1:
I'm not exactly sure how it started, actually, yes I do know, it's called I'm slow moving in the morning. So, instead of me making John lunch in the morning, heck or even making one for myself for that matter, he not only makes lunch for me, but he usually throws breakfast into the bag as well. It's a rather nice set up we have going on, and I fear the day it ever ends. 
Today's lunch consisted of the following:
Chips and salsa. 
He knows me well.
I really think I could eat this for every meal, every day and be completely satisfied. 

Awesome thing #2:
Discovering how much I think I'm going to like Modern Family.
I'm not one for watching T.V., although, I do have a few guilty pleasures, a few meaning just that, TWO. But I think I just found one to add to the oh-so-long-list.

Awesome thing #3:
My husband taking me on an actual date (none of which was pictured) to dinner and a hockey game. Good times have been had at hockey games. Hockey games draw an interesting crowd, and I'll leave it at that.

Awesome thing #4:
John deciding he needs practice and I'd make a good guinea pig. 
Who can say no to clean teeth?

P.S. Go Giants!!!


Cynthia Lovell said...

You're very trusting Amy! ha ha ha Love your posts & I'll get those pictures to you asap.

Lindsay said...

Oh gosh! I remember when John needed people to practice drawing blood. Yup...I volunteered.

AJ Candrian said...

Wow... he is so good to you. He makes you breakfast, lunch... and cleans your teeth. You scored big time Amy. I hope he knows you know that. :)

The Richmans said...

Uhh, seriously, you don't know how good you have it that John makes you lunch--that is so sweet!

Colie said...

Holy head gear, John!

alexkono said...

we went to a hockey game too! i think our hubbys would be friends-brian was predental (orthodontics) before he failed chemistry and quit. im jealous of your lunch-making-spouse, i want one!

pps. yay giants! i like your dad ;)

Anonymous said...

Go Giants!!