"How am I supposed to protect you if nothing bad can happen?" -John*

Last night in bed I begged John to cuddle with me. I was freezing. He said he's just waiting for me to start complaining that it's too cold before he'll turn on the furnace. I wake up in the mornings to a freezing house. The reason I sleep so well at night, and the exact same reason I don't want to get out of bed in the mornings. It's a love/hate thing. This morning on the way to work/school the car said it was 36 degrees out. I had two sweaters on but no socks. John had short sleeves, no jacket. The highs lately have been in the lower 60's, but this weekend it's supposed to be in the upper 70's. It's November, right? I'm having the hardest time realizing that not only is Thanksgiving in three weeks, but Christmas is next month. I should be used to this nice weather, from living on the east coast, but after 20 some odd years of living in Utah, I guess it's weather is still ingrained in me. Where's the snow? Yuck! Weird.

Due to me having difficulty getting out of bed in the mornings, I also have difficulty eating a normal breakfast. Usually it's fine, since dear husband of mine usually throws a baggie of cereal and yogurt in with the lunch he makes, but today, he didn't. He thought I'd have chocolate carnation instant breakfast, like I have had every other morning this week. But I didn't. He's supposed to know that. So, I was grumpy as I drove us to work/school. Me and no food equals a bad combination. In my defense, I really wasn't THAT grumpy. Our gchat conversation went something like this:

me:  hey, sorry if I wasn't my nice, happy, loving, adorable, good-hearted, energetic, amazing, beautiful self this morning
John:  It's not your fault... I'm the one that forgot to pack your breakfast:)

I'm still laughing at his near perfect response. 

In other news, (ha, pun intended. wow I crack myself up sometimes) I read this article today, and realized how lucky I am to have such great sisters. REALLY lucky. My sisters are awesome.

Just for the enjoyment of pictures, 
here's our first family portrait. 
Like I said, I crack myself up. 
See, the no food thing really didn't make me all that grumpy.

* Said after I discovered our front door was unlocked, before crawling into bed. He's now, and probably forever, going to think he's my "guardian angle," after comparing our results and compatibility based off of this quiz we took last night. Awesome. 



Lindsay said...

And the cat has joined the family pictures. :) sigh...

The Richmans said...

I still can't believe John packs you a lunch and a breakfast. You seriously don't know how good you have it.

Cynthia Lovell said...

Love your family picture!

AJ Candrian said...

Seriously... I know you are grateful for your sisters... (and i'm grateful for you right back) but I sure wouldn't pack you breakfast and lunch. :) Good thing you have John around.

Joy said...

Love the family photo! John is very kind and good to you!

Colie said...

John is a smart guy.
PS-I just took the quiz (love my job!)and got ENFJ. What are you?