10 Months of Chubby Cuteness

Poor Gwen, she's already been the recipient of far too many, second child problems. I feel like I never blog or post about her and I'm pretty sure I was blogging and updating the cyber world with Preston's life far more than I should have.

I can't believe the little lady is already 10 months old. In so many ways she still seems SO young to even be 10 months old by now. I mean, Preston I feel like was already saying SO many words by now, but Gwen, not so much. She has down "mama, dada, h-ah (hi) wa wa (for water of course) and she did say nana (banana) the other day when I pulled out a banana for her, so I'm counting it.) She's really got her b sounds down, but that's about the extent of her vocabulary as of late. Oh, and of course she can say "uh-oh" but I swear kids are just born to make that sound. Either way, we'll add it to her "list" of words for the time being. 

She may not be the most vocal yet, I'm sure that day will come in due time, but she sure is ALL over the place. This is where she has Preston beat. She stands. She crawls. She's trying so hard to walk. She gets into EVERYTHING. And she whines to get her way far more than any 10 month old should...but she does have an older brother who is troublesome so, it's semi-understandable. 

She's become so curious about her world and is always pointing at things wanting to know what it is. And the things she does know, she gets really excited about. Like ceiling fans for example, she loves to watch the fan in my bedroom spin in a circle and she mimics the motion with her hand spinning round and round in a circle, too. She likes to growl when she sees a picture of a bear or lion, and, without fail, she always has to kiss the Owl in one of the books we read. She loves owls.

She LOVES to blow kisses and play peek-a-boo, she loves to wave hi and bye, and she loves to grab at your face. Which hurts by the way and she usually leaves some nice scratch behind to mark her territory.

She loves to kiss animals in the books we read. And she kicks her legs and squeals with delight when it's a page or animal that she's really into. 

She's still so baby like and falls asleep in my arms almost everyday. I'm pretty sure Preston did this close to never. In fact, in order to get him to have a nap I'd just have to lay him in his crib and he'd cry himself to sleep. Gwen will scream and scream until you get her and help her fall asleep. It's both annoying and cute. Mostly annoying when it's in the middle of the night and I just wish she'd fall asleep from her crying and not just get more and more mad. But more and more mad is her reaction, so, we deal with it. 

She loves to sing songs, and to this day, Preston singing, "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" will still calm her down when she's upset. It's rather adorable. 

While she can be a major drama-queen, she's also the cutest thing I ever did see and I love that she's mine every single day. 


Lauren Kay said...

She's so darling, that was fun to read and hear about aspects of her personality that don't come across in pictures. :)

Joy Candrian said...

Love her so much...I need more photos & more blogging!

AJ Candrian said...

I love updates like this. Can't wait to see her.