I love visitors

So, my sister came to town, and our friend Nicki, and it was rather glorious. Have I mentioned how much I love having visitors? It's one thing to have had family come visit us in Oklahoma and then St. Louis, but being thousands and thousands of miles away, separated by an entire ocean, and living in an entirely different country, makes visitors all the more special. It was a short visit, but a fabulous one at that. I'll take visitors for as long or as short as they'll come.

Even though it was a short visit, we tired to cram in as much of the Okinawan goodness as we could, and I'd like to think we succeeded.

The Aquarium, Pizza in the Sky, Japanese Naval Headquarters underground tunnels, Fukushen Gardens, Kokusai Street, Beaches, roller slides, delicious Japanese cuisine, shopping, and pedicures at Cocok's of course, I don't think we really stopped the entire five days they were here.

The Aquarium:

Pizza in the Sky:

Naminoue-gu Shrine:

Fukushuen Gardens:

Meada Flats:

Manzamo Point:

Hamahiga Island:


Cape Zanpa:

Roller slides:

 Pedicures at Cocok's overlooking the ocean:


The dreaded goodbye:

I wish we could redo this vacation all over again in another year, unfortunately, I know that won't happen. Thanks for coming to visit, I miss you already!


Joy Candrian said...

So glad you had fun with your visitors. I like your sisters matching shirts.

AJ Candrian said...

I need to do a post like this. Thanks for posting all these pictures! What a trip! I miss you.